Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (Stem)

Students who enter a STEM pathway prepare for careers focused on adapting to a world that is becoming more digitally dependent and in need of innovators and problem-solvers. Some of the careers available in this school of study include agricultural specialist, biologist, chemist, computer scientist, engineer, forester, geologist, mathematician, and physicist.

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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (stem) pathways

Agriculture - University Transfer

Did you know that there are so many amazing opportunities with a degree in agriculture? If you’re interested in designing machinery or structures, you might want to check out our agricultural engineering technology concentration. Looking for a fulfilling career in education? We have two awesome certification programs that can prepare you for high school agricultural science teaching or county extension agent roles. And if you’re passionate about working with animals or plants, we have options for you too! You can specialize in horticulture, poultry science, animal science, or even prepare for veterinary school.


Biology - University Transfer

The Biology Department at Kilgore College offers courses that are designed to provide a solid background in the biological sciences.  We offer courses for Biology and other science majors, non-majors, Pre-Nursing and Pre-Allied Health majors.  These courses will transfer to a university, fulfill the science requirements for an associate’s degree and some will fulfill the requirements of the Core Curriculum.


Chemistry - University Transfer

For students planning to transfer to a university and major in Chemistry, the Health Sciences, Biology, Pre-Med, Pharmacy or Chemical Engineering, we offer an excellent transfer program in chemistry that includes General Chemistry I and II as well as Organic Chemistry I and II. Chemistry for Non-science majors and Chemistry for Health Sciences are also offered. Several Chemistry courses are also part of the Core Curriculum.


Computer Science - University Transfer

The Computer and Information Technology program prepares students for careers in one of the fastest-growing fields in the nation. Students can earn a certificate and/or an associate of applied science degree in one of three specialties, each focused on a different set of skills and interests within the IT field.


Engineering - University Transfer

The engineering program is a transfer program, meaning our students complete two years with us then transfer to a four-year institution to complete the degree.  Our goal is to prepare students for any engineering major.  Engineering is the profession in which a knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences, gained by study, experience, and practice, is applied to develop ways to use the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind.  Kilgore College offers university transfer programs for those interested in all engineering majors.


Forestry - University Transfer

Our forestry program is highly ranked and offers three areas of focus: forest restoration and fire, forest management, and forest operations. As a forestry major, you’ll take care of our forests and tackle big challenges facing our ecosystems and communities. Plus, there are excellent job opportunities in the field.


Geology - University Transfer

Our geology courses are designed specifically to help students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that are fundamental to apply for bachelor programs in geology and other related fields. Be rest assured that our expert faculty is committed to making you excel both in academics and in your chosen career paths. Our courses are also designed to be student-centered and are tailored to meet your individual needs, thereby ensuring that you are fully equipped for success in your chosen field.


Mathematics - University Transfer

The Mathematics Department at Kilgore College offers a comprehensive curriculum to meet the needs of students with diverse skill levels and goals. The department offers developmental mathematics (see below for Co-requisite Support Courses) for students who are not TSI Complete and college-level mathematics for students majoring in a variety of fields.  The college-level courses will satisfy the mathematics requirements for an associate degree and are designed to transfer to a university.  Several courses also meet the requirements for the Core Curriculum.


Physics - University Transfer

Physics courses at Kilgore College are designed for every level of academic success, whether supporting program certification or completing the laboratory science requirements for four-year transfer degrees.  KC’s physics courses meet ACGM guidelines and are accepted at all Texas public universities.


STEM - University Transfer

STEM degrees are college programs that specialize in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These degrees are highly sought after and have seen an increased demand in careers over the last decade. The term “STEM” is an acronym that refers to subjects that directly relate to the hard sciences. This includes subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, and mathematics. Students who pursue STEM degrees are equipped with valuable skills that are essential in the modern workforce, including problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical reasoning.