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KC Writing Studios

The purpose of the KC Writing Studios is to support writers in any discipline and at any stage of the writing process, thereby increasing students’ abilities to achieve their academic goals.

To advance this goal, the Writing Studios’ professional tutors share a commitment to the following:

As a KC student you have access to our professional writing studio tutors

Call (903) 988-7421 to speak to Writing Studio tutors (above times). We can work with you on your live Google doc using your computer and phone or we can schedule an appointment for remote tutoring.


Tutor.com tutors are available 24 hours, seven days a week!

Just log into your Blackboard class, go to the “Start Here” folder, then click the Tutor.com link. Students are limited to 5 free hours of Tutor.com per 8-week, 16-week, or summer session.

If you have questions or trouble connecting with a tutor, call the customer service number:

  • Tutor.com Phone Support: 800-411-1970; choose 1, then choose 2 to get to a representative.

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