Covid 19 Information

Kilgore College is now operating under “normal” procedures and at 100% capacity. The following procedures are recommended for students, employees and guests on campus:

  • Continue to use common sense to help keep everyone healthy and safe.
  • Frequent hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer
  • Wearing a face covering if desired
  • Staying home if sick or running a fever
  • It is the supervisors’ responsibility to ensure employees do not come to work sick
  • Students, employees and visitors should consult with a healthcare provider for guidance on such issues as vaccinations, treatments, and/or quarantine
  • If testing positive, students, employees and visitors should quarantine for 5 days per CDC guidelines. (If you have no symptoms or symptoms are resolved after 5 days, you may return to campus. It is recommended by the CDC that individuals returning to campus after 5 days wear a mask for an additional 5 days).
  • Students should contact instructors for extended absences.
  • Employees will use available sick time to cover absences or contact HR should they need to request an extended leave under FMLA.


  • No quarantine is required for direct exposure unless employee begins to display symptoms.
  • No negative test is required to return to campus.
  • No doctor’s note is required to return from a COVID quarantine period.


  • Time away from work should be entered as sick time. (Unless other arrangements are made with manager)
  • FMLA may be initiated for an eligible employee who has exhausted all other paid leave.