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Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency

Graduating with Honors at Kilgore College


To earn a GED diploma, you must pass a standardized test to prove your proficiency at the high school level in four major subject areas: science, math, social studies and language arts/reading (with one extended response).

Instruction & Curriculum

The curriculum ranges from basic literacy level to twelfth-grade level instructions in reading, writing, social studies, science and math. Instruction is a combination of traditional lecture, individualized lab assignments based on assessment results consisting of workbooks and computer drills all aimed at passing the TxCHSE (Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency) tests.

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Registration is easy. For exact class dates, times and location information, call (903) 236-2004. You can also take classes online with our distance learning opportunities. 


Online Requirements

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Online TxCHSE Test

Candidates can complete the Texas Certificate High School Equivalency (TxCHSE) Exam on computer by taking the CBT (computer-based test) option. Candidates may obtain the testing schedule and register online by visiting

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