Rangerette Showcase & Museum

About the Rangerette Showcase & Museum:

Located on the Kilgore College campus, The Rangerette Showcase and Museum features a mechanized display of Rangerette props, a display of costumes from the spring stage show, Rangerette Revels, and thousands of photographs and newspaper clippings depicting the Rangerettes’ storied history.

The museum includes:

  • Two wall-mounted televisions with footage of Rangerette performances
  • A longer film is shown in a comfortable 60-seat theatre with large screen
  • A lounge area that pays tribute to Gussie Nell Davis, originator of precision dance drill and founder and longtime director of the Rangerettes
  • A display of Miss Davis' personal mementos of 40 years, along with a large portrait donated by a former Rangerette and her family
  • "Can You Name Our Famous Friends" features photographs of the Rangerettes with celebrities from the fields of politics, news, communications and show business
  • A collection of Rangerette Scrapbook photos and mementos arranged by former students
  • A wall collage that recognizes numerous college organizations that have played a part in Rangerette history: the Ranger Band, the Kilgore College Rangers athletic teams, and the KC Cheerleaders
  • Tribute is paid to numerous local persons who have aided in the Rangerette's rise to prominence, including an early sponsor, newspaper publisher, accompanist, choreographers, assistants to the director, band directors and college presidents


The showcase is located in the Physical Education (PE) Complex at the intersection of Broadway and Ross on the Kilgore campus, one block west of Highway 259.

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