Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) for Continuing Education

About TPEG grants for Continuing Education

Kilgore College continuing education students can now apply for financial aid to cover the costs of classes in certain CE programs thanks to a Texas Public Educational Grant (TPEG) the college received.

Students must apply to the Ce program they are interested in

The Workforce Development – Continuing Education Department will process the application for the program. The student will be assigned a Student ID number once this application is processed.

Students must complete and submit all required documentation

Students must complete and submit all required documentation before the Texas Public Educational Grant (TPEG) can be awarded:

  • Official High School / Home School transcript or GED
  • Complete the current FAFSA at www.studentaid.gov
  • Complete and submit the Texas Statement of Eligibility Form, which must be notarized.
  • Provide any documentation required to verify eligibility from the FAFSA.

* Students under the age of 24 who are not married and have no dependents of their own are considered dependent students and must provide their parent(s)’ household information as well as parent income/support information. One parent must sign the Verification Worksheet.

Contact the Financial Aid Office after applying to the CE program