Transfer Credits. Math requirements for an associate’s degree.

About Mathematics

The Mathematics Department at Kilgore College offers a comprehensive curriculum to meet the needs of students with diverse skill levels and goals. The department offers developmental mathematics (see below for Co-requisite Support Courses) for students who are not TSI Complete and college-level mathematics for students majoring in a variety of fields. The college-level courses will satisfy the mathematics requirements for an associate degree and are designed to transfer to a university. Several courses also meet the requirements for the Core Curriculum.

Placement Guidelines:

The TSIA2 Assessment (Texas State Initiative Assessment 2.0) is a state test that covers reading, writing and mathematics skills. This test is administered to all students entering college in Texas unless they are exempt due to a TAKS Score, SAT Score, ACT Score, or some other type of exemption (See the Course Catalog for a complete list). If a student fails one or more sections of the TSI Assessment, they will be required to take developmental coursework in the area(s) of deficiency. Please view the math placement guidelines (pdf)

KC Math Co-requisite Support Courses:

This is for students who are not TSI Complete in Math. Students who have a certain score on the TSIA (see flowchart below) may take their first college level math course along with a three-hour co-requisite support course. Co-requisite support courses are offered for MATH 1314 (College Algebra), MATH 1324 (Math for Business and Social Sciences), MATH 1332 (Contemporary Mathematics), and MATH 1342 (Elementary Statistical Methods). Students should choose the math course appropriate for their major. For more information on the math classes required for various majors see KC Career Pathways. Please view the math co-req flow chart (pdf) Inclusive Access: Students enrolled in math courses will be charged a fee (varies per course) for their course materials, which consists of a MyLab access code and corresponding e-text. This fee is known as Inclusive Access (IA). The IA fee will be placed on a student’s account at the time of enrollment and accomplishes two important things: Guarantees the student has their required course materials on the first day of class and are therefore more prepared for the class. Lowers the cost of those course materials.
The mathematics department has a top-notch staff. The math instructors showed us what it takes to be a good engineer and helped me develop team-building skills that I use now in my career field. As an engineering student,you'll learn calculus throughout your career. Mr. Wickes, Mr. Brandt and Mr. Walker all made the world of integrals & derivatives much more accessible, as well as made me better at "house keeping" (Keeping track of negative signs & correct notation is important in understanding what is going on).
Eric Burnett
Mathematics & Engineering
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