Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Students who enter a STEM pathway prepare for careers focused on adapting to a world that is becoming more digitally dependent and in need of innovators and problem-solvers. Some of the careers available in this school of study include agricultural specialist, biologist, chemist, computer scientist, engineer, forester, geologist, mathematician, and physicist.

Related Texas High School Endorsement: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Available Degree and Certificate Programs

Please note that the career maps below are regularly updated guides for students’ reference and may not align with graduation requirements for students entering KC during previous semesters/years.  Please check your degree audit in AccessKC for your official graduation requirements.

Career Pathways Degree Program Webpage Links
Agriculture - University Transfer AS  
Biology - University Transfer AS Visit Biological Sciences webpage
Chemistry - University Transfer AS Visit Chemistry webpage
Computer Science - University Transfer AS Visit Computer Science webpage
Engineering - University Transfer AS Visit Engineering webpage
Forestry - University Transfer AS  
Geology - University Transfer AS Visit Geology webpage
Mathematics - University Transfer AS Visit Mathematics webpage
Physics - University Transfer AS Visit Physics webpage
STEM - University Transfer AS  



Marketable Skills

Complex Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Operations Analysis