Interactive Campus Tour

Take a closer look at Kilgore College.

Kilogre Collage campus map

Click on the links below to learn more about each building on campus.

1. Quad Housing (QUAD) 15. Music Annex (MUSAN) 29. Porter Business Administration Bldg. (PORTR)
2. Cruce Stark Hall (STARK) 16. Nolen Street Hall Annex (NOLEN) 30. Communication & Automotive (COMMA)
3. Automotive Body Repair (AUTOB) 17. Nolen Street Hall (NOLEN) 31. Shakespeare Garden
4. Parks Fitness Center (PARKS) 18. Davis Rangerette Residence (DAVIS) 32. Woodruff Adult Education Center (WDRUF)
5. Devall Student Center (DEVAL) 19. Dodson Auditorium (DODSN) 33. Dodgen Physical Plant Center (DODGN)
6. Wesley Foundation (WESLY) 20. Student Support (SSUPP) 34. Receiving/Mail Room
7. Masters Gymnasium/Band Hall (MASTR & BANDH) 21. Bolton-Covin Rangerette Gymnasium (COVIN) 35. KC Police Department (KCPD)
8. Rangerette Showcase Museum (RMUSM) 22. Woodfin Center for Instructional Technology (WDFIN) 36. KC–Longview Campus
9. Turner Physical Education Complex (TRNR) 23. Old Main Building (OMAIN) 37. Health Science Center (HSCTR)
10. Canterbury Engineering and Science Bldg.. (CANTR) 24. McLaurin Administration Building (MCLRN) 38. East Texas Police Academy
11. Randolph C. Watson Library (WATSN) 25. East Texas Oil Museum (ETOM) 39. Kilgore College Fire Academy
12. Christian Campus Center (CCC) 26. Whitten Applied Technology Center (WHITN) 40. Central Park
13. Baptist Student Ministries (BSM) 27. Turk Fine Arts Center & Van Cliburn Auditorium (TURK & CLIB)   
14. Texas Shakespeare Festival Center (TSF) 28. Technical Vocational Building (TECVO)