Texas Hazlewood Act Exemption Application

Texas Hazlewood Act Exemption Application For Continued Enrollment

To qualify for the Hazlewood Exemption, the Veteran, child or spouse cannot be in default on a loan that is made or guaranteed by the state of Texas. State loans can be viewed at http://www.hhloans.com/. Submit this application to your college or university, not to the Texas Veterans Commission. Fill out the form below to apply for continuation of the exemption from payment of tuition and fees under Texas Education Code §54.341, (The Hazlewood Act). Understand that you may be entitled, under the law, to this exemption for up to 150 semester credit hours at Texas public institutions of higher education. For the purpose of accounting for the total number of hours for which you receive from this exemption, you grant permission to any institution in which you have enrolled or will enroll to release credit hour information to the Texas Veterans Commission and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and further grant permission to the Commission and Board to share such information with any institution that you might attend. In filling out the form, you certify that you still meet the requirements in Part D or, if a Legacy Child, Parts D and E of the initial Texas Hazlewood Act Exemption Application (Form TVC‐ED‐1). This form will not be used for initial application for the Hazlewood Exemption, but may be used for enrollment of students subsequent to initial enrollment at the school in which the student is currently and consistently enrolled. If a break in enrollment or change of school occurs then the complete Hazlewood Exemption application must be completed.

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