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On-Site Basic Structure Fire Suppression

Upcoming on-site academy dates (class is approximately 12 weeks):

The academy consists of classes from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Mondays-Fridays) in Kilgore.

Academy #123

Application Deadline

Aug. 20, 2024

Class Dates

Sept. 3 to Nov. 26, 2024

Tuition and fees

Please note that the fire academy is eligible for VA Education Benefits.

Texas Residents Tuition and Fees Total: $2,464*

Out-of-State/International Tuition and Fees Total: $3,014*

Cost Breakdown:

  • Tuition: $1659
  • Access Fee: $50
  • Equip Fee: $125
  • Uniforms: $130
  • Gear Rental: $500
  • Out of State fee: $550 (Out-of-State and Canadian Students only)

Additional charges:

  • TCFP State Testing Fee: $35 X 4 Tests (to be paid to FIDO account)
  • KC Testing Center Fee: $30 X 4 Tests (to be paid to KC Cashier)

*Book is not included in cost

Additional fees

Housing and meal plans are available to those who are not able to commute.

Note to all students

Before filling out the application, you will first need to request your FIDO pin number.

FIDO is the record keeping system the Texas Commission on Fire Protection uses to keep up with your certifications. Your FIDO number is very important in the Fire Service. Please write it down and keep up with it. It is your identification number for TCFP.

You may click here to begin the FIDO pin # process. Choose “Create Account” and follow the prompts. Be sure and use a current, valid email address that you can easily access. Your pin# will be sent to that email address. When you need to access FIDO in the future go to .

When you are ready to apply to the Kilgore College online or onsite Basic Fire Suppression program, download one of the packets below to Adobe, fill out the Application and Criminal History Disclaimer below, save the packet, and submit it via email to The Canadian student’s application packet also includes the I-20M form that is also to be submitted online. You should be able to type your information on the form while in Adobe, save it, and email it. The Physical, copy of your High School Diploma/GED or transcript, and proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination forms will need to be scanned (or you may take a picture of them) and emailed to Payment may be made after we have registered you in the class. We will notify all applicants when they have been registered and may begin paying their tuition.

The Kilgore College Fire Academy requires the applicant to provide proof of the following and submitted to The applicant may submit the forms as they become available. They do not need to wait and submit every form at one time:

  • Completed Application for Admission  
  • Signed Criminal History Disclaimer  
  • General Medical Physical
  • Copy of High School Diploma, Transcript or GED Certificate
  • For those under 22 years old: Proof of Bacterial Meningitis vaccination or an exemption form

Canadian students will also need to submit:

  • Completed I-20M Immigration Information form  
  • Copy of passport photo page for identification purposes

application downloads