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Live and dine on-campus. Save time and money.

About on-campus housing at KC:

Kilgore College offers campus housing to expand their horizons and broaden perspectives. You will find fun activities and make friends that last a lifetime at Kilgore College. Our Campus Life program offers learning outside of the classroom that will teach you more about yourself and others. Come make memories with us!

FAQ related to the COVID-19 pandemic:

What if I can’t come back to check out from the dorm?

If you are not able to be on campus to move out and/or you have a friend or other proxy moving out for you, please remember the following: 

  • You will need to send an email from your KC email to amason@kilgore.edu stating your proxy has permission to move your belongings out on your behalf.  You will need to include their name and the address on their form of identification for verification purposes.   
  • Your proxy will need a form of identification to verify the address you provided.  Your proxy will also be asked to confirm your cell phone number. 
  • Only items in your assigned room can be taken unless expressed written permission is submitted by your roommates. 
  • Temporary key fobs will not be given out.  Campus Life will unlock your room one time to give your proxy access.

What is the procedure for moving out of the residence halls?

  • If you are currently on campus, you can begin moving out immediately and will need to complete your move-out by March 22. You do not need to sign up for a check-out time.
  • If you are currently away from campus, you will have until March 22 to collect your belongings and check out of your room. You will need to sign up for a check-out time slot through a link received March 14 through your student email.
  • Check out at the front desk of your building. (For Quads and Stark Hall, please check out at the front desk of Stark Hall)

 This process allows us to manage the number of students in the hall and practice social distancing.

What if I already moved out?

  • If you have already moved all of your belongings out and do not need to return to campus, please contact the Coordinator of Campus Life, Ashley Mason, at amason@kilgore.edu to make arrangements for returning your key and getting officially checked out.

Will I receive a refund for the unused portion of my housing and meal plan charges?

  • Yes. You will receive the pro-rated adjustment for your housing bill. Refunds will take up to 30 business days from March 22 to complete.

What if I am unable/don’t want to leave? Am I able to stay on campus?

  • No. All students are required to leave campus at this time. Please contact the Coordinator of Campus Life, Ashley Mason, at amason@kilgore.edu if you are an international student or have housing insecurities. We are sensitive to all situations and are eager to assist you in working toward a solution for unique situations.

How do I apply for housing at KC?

To apply for housing, you must first be admitted to KC. After being admitted to the college, please fill out the online KC Housing Application located in your AccessKC account under Academics > Housing > KC Housing Application. Please make sure to log in using your student credentials.

The Fall 2020 application period will be posted here as soon as it is scheduled.

Applications will not be considered complete unless they are accompanied with a:

  • Copy of your driver's license or state-issued ID
  • Record of a bacterial meningitis vaccination

NOTE: Students will not be assigned a room unless they are enrolled in classes.

Effective Dec. 1, 2019, KC has partnered with Quick Search, a trusted company that provides background services. You must have a cleared background check before the KC Office of Campus Life will consider you for assignment. The link for completing your background check is included in the housing application, which can be found using the above path

The cost associated with this service is $28.50. Please provide a credit or debit card number within the system for payment. Should you experience trouble while completing the process, please call (903) 988-8191 for assistance.

How do I contact my roommate?

Log in to your student email and start typing your roommate's name.  Their email will automatically appear.  We recommend using email until you are comfortable sharing your cell phone number.

Off-campus housing:

Kilgore College does not own, operate, maintain nor specifically endorse any off-campus housing properties. Students are encouraged to do due diligence when considering off campus apartments, dorms or other rental properties.

Campus Life

Room Layouts

Nolen Hall:

Nolen Annex:

Stark Hall:

Quad Area (The Quads):

Gussie Nell Davis Rangerette Residence:

Costs to Live on Campus

Information below is for fall or spring semesters:

Nolen Hall:

  • Double Room: $1,030
  • Meal Plan: $1,530
  • Mailbox Rental: $15
  • Total for Semester: $2,575

The Quads:

  • Double Room: $1,135
  • Meal Plan: $1,530
  • Mailbox Rental: $15
  • Total for Semester: $2,680

Stark Hall:

  • Double Room: $930
  • Meal Plan: $1,530
  • Mailbox Rental: $15
  • Total for Semester: $2,475

Gussie Nell Davis Rangerette Residence:

  • Double Room: $1,630
  • Meal Plan: $1,530
  • Mailbox Rental: $15
  • Total for Semester: $3,175

Private Rooms:

  • Kilgore College Residence Halls are designed for double-occupancy. If there is availability and you desire private accommodations, it may be possible for a student to rent the entire room by paying the double-occupancy rate.

    Summer Semesters:

    • Summer I Room and Meal Plan: $880
    • Summer II Room and Meal Plan: $930
    • Mini-Semesters: $200 (no food provided)


    • Fees are subject to change based on increased services made available to residents.
    • Housing fees include room rent, meal plan, and mailbox rental fee.
    • All residents must purchase the meal plan and the mail box rental.
    • Private rooms are based on availability with priority given to sophomore residents.
    • Room and board fees for summer housing will be announced prior to the end of the spring semester.
    • Please refer to the Student Handbook for the refund policy for housing.
    • Full payment in person by cash, check or money order payable to Kilgore College.
    • Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card payments are acceptable upon presentation of the credit card.
    • The student must provide positive identification for any payment to the college.
    • The college will accept checks for the amount of transaction only. Two-party checks, payroll checks, or postdated checks are not acceptable
    • One-time online payments or payment plans are also options. A credit card or bank account number is required for payments made via the web.
    • Students arriving early for specific program requirements may incur additional meal plan charges.

    For more information on housing, email KCHousing@kilgore.edu.

Kinds of Housing Available

What kind of housing is available?

  • Gussie Nell Davis Rangerettes Residence: A suite-style residence hall for Rangerettes. Laundry facilities are available.
  • Stark Hall: Corridor-style housing for male students. Laundry facilities are available.
  • Nolen Street Hall and Annex: Suite-style housing for female students. Laundry facilities are available.
  • The Quad Area: Double room with a private bath. Laundry facilities are available.
Dining Plans for the KC Cafeteria and Ranger Sports Grill

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Frequently Asked Questions

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