Radiologic Science – Computed Tomography

Three semester certificate program.

About Radiologic Science – Computed Tomography

The Computed Tomography Program offers an educational opportunity for ARRT Registered Radiologic Technologists to gain enhanced skills in the advanced imaging modality of Computed Tomography. The program is designed to be attainable for the working imaging technologist. Computed Tomography is a highly technical x-ray imaging modality that uses special x-ray equipment that gathers data, a computer to reconstruct the data and a monitor to display the image. The image contains detailed anatomical structures presented in slice like sections that are typically oriented in the axial, sagittal, and coronal planes. There are many clinical uses for CT imaging. CT imaging is performed in emergency departments, hospitals, surgical centers, medical offices and imaging centers, as an extremely preferred imaging method and diagnostic imaging tool in trauma imaging, localizing lesions and tumors.

Program Information

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