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About History

History is important for it tells us who we are and how the world we live in came to be what it is. It even offers clues as to where we are headed in the future. To understand who we are now, we need to know the record of the past and to try to understand the people and forces that shaped it. In the process, basic patterns of human behavior become discernable as one studies people across time who lived in diverse locations and cultures. In addition to cultural literacy, the study of history assists students in the development of significant skills, such as reading, writing, research and critical thinking. At the college level in particular, the study of history is much more than an attempt to memorize facts about the past. Instead, it involves an effort to analyze cause and effect, draw connections between diverse peoples and places located on along various points on the spectrum of time, and to examine various primary and secondary sources in such a way as to develop logical and reasonable interpretations of evidence. Several History courses are part of the Core Curriculum. History is a discipline within the Department of Humanities and Social/Behavioral Sciences.
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