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The Department of Humanities and Social/Behavioral Sciences, at Kilgore College, offers courses in government that are necessary to complete the Core Curriculum requirements for an Associate’s Degree, or transfer to an upper division university to acquire a baccalaureate degree. These courses are guaranteed to transfer to any public college or university in Texas. They also transfer to most private schools. In addition, these courses also serve as an exciting introduction to a field of study in government. Pursuing a baccalaureate degree in Government or Political Science can help prepare students for diverse careers in the public and private sectors. These careers include such things as service in non-profit organizations, law, political analysis, government, international affairs, political campaigns, and education. The courses also demonstrate that government is intertwined with and impacts everything people do in their daily lives. Our Government courses will allow students to master the political institutions of both Texas and the United States. Students will also acquire, or add to, their knowledge of critical thinking and writing skills. Our faculty will help you succeed! Acquiring knowledge is only half of your experience in Government courses at Kilgore College. You will also encounter caring faculty members with a wide variety of life experiences and teaching styles to guide on your path to course completion. Our faculty will endeavor to help you succeed while maintaining the highest possible academic standards. Government courses taken at Kilgore College will prepare you for interaction with the government for the rest of your life, whether you simply encounter it on a daily basis or you choose to study it and make it a career.

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