Corrosion Technology

Associate of Applied Science Degree. Certificate.

About Corrosion Technology

Corrosion costs the U.S. over $300 billion per year and also produces significant safety, environmental and financial consequences. Corrosion control is therefore important to company profits and is required by government regulatory agencies such as the EPA, DOT and OPS. Corrosion technology utilizes chemistry, electricity, physics, metallurgy and other sciences to prevent or control corrosion damage. Careers in Corrosion Control therefore apply these sciences to control the chemical and mechanical aspects that are involved in the deterioration of properties which we call “Corrosion.” Students who major in Corrosion Technology may also qualify for Department Scholarships provided by several companies and individuals.
The Corrosion and Process Technology programs got me started on the right foot as an adult student. The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) certication and education I received from the instructors at KC were world-class. Without the corrosion program would not have had such a smooth entry into the oil and gas industry as an nondestructive inspection technician.
Eric Burnett
Corrosion Technology, Process Technology

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