Adult Education and Literacy

We all want the same thing... a better life for ourselves and our families.

Kilgore College offers a full range of free Adult Education & Literacy services to help you improve your life with caring instructors to help you learn.

Class registration information: Students must be 19 or older to register for classes. (Participants who are 18 years old are eligible for enrollment with parental consent and proof of withdrawal from school.)

General information about the KC AEL program (pdf)


Programs Offered:

  • TxCHSE (Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency): Prepare to pass the exam for the TxCHSE (Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency) diploma, the equivalent to a credential for high school completion.
  • Literacy, Basic Skills and Exam Preparation: Improve your reading, writing and math skills regardless of whether you do or do not have a high school credential. Prepare for pre-employment, college entrance, military entrance or other pre-college level exams.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL): Students in this program learn how to read, write and speak English. Regardless of your skill level or education, you can enroll in Kilgore College’s ESL classes.
  • ESL (Learn English): Acquire and/or improve your reading, writing and speaking skills if your primary language is not English and your skills are below the level to function effectively in English.
  • Intensive College Readiness Program: A special program of study developed specifically for non-traditional students who have never attended college. Individuals who recently completed a GED or who earned a high school diploma at least four years ago may qualify.
  • Integrated Education and Training: IET offers students the opportunity to acquire a combination of basic academic skills and industry-specific technical skills.  Workforce preparation and training leads to a family-sustaining career with no or very little expense to the student.
  • Distance Learning: AEL Distance Learning classes are ideal for full-time workers, stay at home parents or caregivers, or those with medical restrictions; however, anyone can register.  

Caring instructors to help you learn!

We carefully select our instructors for their ability to work with the adult learner. The curriculum ranges from basic-literacy level to twelfth-grade level instruction in reading, writing, social studies, science, and math. We will assess your current educational level, and then design a training program for you.

Our programs are free! Registration is quick & easy.

No fees are charged for attending Kilgore College Adult Education & Literacy (ESL, TxCHSE, Exam Preparation, or Intensive College Readiness) courses, however students must furnish their school supplies. Registration is easy and quick Classes are held continually throughout the year with registration during various months. Call (903) 236-2004 or (903) 753-2642 for information on class locations, schedules and registration information.

Classes are available in 25 locations.

Day and evening classes are offered on the main campus in Kilgore and KC-Longview. Also in Gilmer, Gladewater, Henderson, Price (Carlisle), New London, Overton, Sabine and Tatum. Not every program is offered at every location.


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Adult Education and Literacy

Philosophy and Mission of the Program

The program's philosophy:

Everyone deserves an education. We believe that we must provide the educational opportunities that will equip adults to function independently in the roles they are required to play in the home, in the community, and in the workplace in an English literate society.

The program's mission:

The Program's Mission is to meet all adult students where they are in their learning and to lead and assist them to where they want to be. The Kilgore College Adult Education & Literacy Program is a service of Kilgore College provided through a series of grants distributed by Texas Education Agency Division of Adult and Community Education. Kilgore College offers tuition-free adult education and literacy classes ranging from remedial to twelfth-grade level instructions, as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) at basic and advanced levels. These classes are held in a number of different locations throughout the area. These non-credit classes include preparation for the Test of General Education Development (GED), improvement of reading, writing, and math skills, pre-employment skills, preparation for entrance into college, and the overall enhancement of life skills.

Both Day and Evening Classes Available

Both day and evening classes are available in several locations throughout Gregg, Rusk, and Upshur counties. Daytime classes are usually scheduled Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m.. to noon. Evening Classes are generally 5 to 8 p.m. or 6 to 9 p.m. two evenings per week depending on location. Attendance is required.

The Kilgore College Adult Education & Literacy Program is a service of Kilgore College, and is made possible through federal and state grants as authorized by the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, P.L., 105-220 and the Texas Education Code 29.232.

Age Requirement, Enrollment and Duration of Classes

Age requirement:

Prospective Kilgore College AEL students must be 19 years old or older.  Participants who are 18 years old may enroll with a parental consent and proof of withdrawal from school. 


Is usually held once per month, typically at the beginning of the month. Classes are held continuous year around or follow the public school calendar. For exact enrollment dates call the Adult Education & Literacy Office at (903) 236-2004 or (903) 753-2642 ext. 2004.

Duration of classes:

All adult education and literacy classes are self-paced so students remain in the classes until test results indicate that they have reached a level of competency to attain their stated goal. This may take from one month to a number of years depending on the functional level at entry, the rate the student learns, and of course the student’s goal.

Testing Sites for the AEL program

The KC-Longview Testing Center offers the GED Test for High School Equivalency and the TSI Test for College Entrance.

The Kilgore Testing Center offers the GED, TASC Test for High School Equivalency and the TSI Test for College Entrance.

For information about Adult Education and Literacy:

Adult Education and Literacy Program
300 South High Street - Longview
(903) 236-2004 or (903) 236-2090
KC-Longview Hendrix Bldg. (LVHDX), 228
Charmyn Tumey
Adult Education and Literacy
(903) 236-2009
KC-Longview Hendrix Bldg., (LVHDX)
Betsy Rodriguez
Assistant Coordinator
Adult Education and Literacy
(903) 236-2003
Longview Hendrix Building (LVHDX)
Mary Hawley
Instructional Assistant
Adult Education and Literacy
(903) 236-2090
Longview Hendrix Building (LVHDX)
Monika Kajstura
Instructor, TxCHSE
Adult Education and Literacy
(903) 374-2442
Gladewater Education Center
Dianne Lyle
Integrated Education & Training Director
Adult Education and Literacy
(903) 236-2053
KC-Longview Hendrix Bldg. (LVHDX), 507
Rosanne Waggoner
Clerical Assistant
Adult Education and Literacy
(903) 236-2004
Longview Hendrix Building (LVHDX), 200