University Transfer

Information for KC students planning to transfer to a four-year school.

Why starting at KC makes sense:

We'll prepare you well! Reports from universities across the state acknowledge that students who began their studies at a community college perform at the same level or above those students who attended the university all four years. Students who begin at Kilgore will save money. A lot of money.   With tuition/fee rates that are less half of four-year public universities, starting at KC can translate into thousands of dollars of savings.

Live at home or have an on-campus living experience.

You can live at home and save even more money, or stay on campus and experience all the fun of campus life. KC has more than 400 on-campus residential students.  We offer a wide variety of housing from traditional college dorm rooms to on-campus apartment-type rooms. KC has an exciting atmosphere you would expect to find only at a university.  Two museums right on campus; the world-famous Texas Shakespeare Festival; performing groups; student clubs and organizations; athletics; dynamic residential life programs and many other programs all give KC a unique place among community colleges.

Small class sizes and transfer degree plan.

Our small class sizes (Average class size is just 25 students) and caring, qualified faculty mean that you’ll never be lost in the crowd.  Our concern is you, the student.  Our academic advisors will help prepare a customized transfer degree plan created just for you. Why settle for just a bachelor's degree when you can also have an associate's degree too. It'll make you more marketable to employers.

Take the next step.

See for yourself why KC is a great place to start your college career. Call (903) 983-8209 or e-mail the Office of Admissions and Registrar for more information.

Core Curriculum*:

The Core Curriculum is defined by the state of Texas as “curriculum in the liberal arts, humanities, sciences, political, social and cultural history that all graduates of an institution of higher education are required to complete before receiving a baccalaureate degree." KC's Core Curriculum consists of 42 semester credit hours that will transfer as the core to any state college or university. After completing the core, a student may need only 18 additional semester credit hours to receive the associate of arts or the associate of science degree.

Print the Core Curriculum (pdf)

Component Area

Required Courses Semester Hours


3 hours to be selected from:
MATH 1314, 1316, 1324, 1325, *1333,, 1342, 1350, **2412, 2413, 2414, 2415
*MATH 1333 will not fulfill Math requirement for AS degree
**Those taking a 2400 level Math course as their Core Curriculum Requirement will earn only 3 SCHs toward Core completion. The other SCH may count toward an associate’s degree.


Life and Physical Sciences

6 hours to be selected from:

AGRI 1307, 1319
BIOL BIOL 1406, 1407, 1408, 1409, 2401, 2402, 2406,
ENVR 1401
CHEM 1405, 1406, 1411, 1412
GEOL 1301, 1403, 1404, 1405, 2407
PHYS 1401, 1402, 1403, 1404, 1405, 2425, 2426


Language, Philosophy & Culture

3 hours to be selected from:
ENGL 2322, 2323, 2326, 2332, 2333
HIST 2311, 2312, 2321, 2322
PHIL 1301


Creative Arts            

3 hours to be selected from:
ARTS 1301, 1303, 1304
DANCE 2302
DRAM 1310, 2362
MUSI 1306, 1308, 1309


American History

6 hours to be selected from:
HIST 1301, 1302


Government/Political Science

6 hours to be selected from:
GOVT 2305, 2306


Social and Behavioral Sciences

3 hours to be selected from:
AGRI 2317
COMM 1307
ECON 2301, 2302
GEOG 1303
PSYC 2301, 2314
SOCI 1301, 1306
TECA 1354 (Child Growth and Development)


Component Area Option

Component Area Option 1:
3 hours to be selected from
SPCH 1315, 1318

Component Area Option 2:
3 hours from:

Any course listed above that is not used to fulfill the requirements of an additional component area of the Core Curriculum; also MATH 1351


Total Minimum Requirements


42 including both Component Area Options

Computer Competency now required:

Beginning this fall (2014) students must demonstrate computer competency in one of two ways:

  • Earn a grade of C or higher in one of the approved computer competency courses at Kilgore College.
  • Achieve a score of 70 or higher on the KC Computer Competency Test. The test consists of both computer concepts and application usage.

(Computer competency should be completed no later than the completion of 24 semester credit hours. Testing is by appointment only and the testing fee of $25 must be paid prior to scheduling a testing appointment.)

University Transfer

Transferring Credits into KC?

A student who transfers college-level courses from a regionally accredited private or out-of-state institution may use transferred courses that are equivalent to the following to satisfy the success initiative in the given area. Students must have earned a "C" or better in each course for exemption in each respective area.


  • ENGL 1301 (Grammar and Composition)
  • ENGL 1302 (Composition and Readings)


  • HIST 1301, 1302 (U.S. History)
  • ENGL 1301 (Grammar and Composition)
  • ENGL 2322, 2323 (British Literature)
  • ENGL 2332, 2333 (World Literature)
  • ENGL 2326 (American Literature)
  • PSYC 2301 (General Psychology)
  • PSYC 2314 (Human Growth and Development)
  • GOVT 2301, 2302, 2305, 2306 (State, Local, and U.S. Government)


  • MATH 1333 (Mathematical Topics)
  • MATH 1314 (College Algebra)
  • MATH 1324 (Math for Business and Economics)
  • MATH 1342 (Statistics)
  • Any advanced mathematics course for which the above are prerequisites

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