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Seventy-six students graduate from KC Adult Education & Literacy program

Kilgore College’s Adult Education and Literacy program awarded certificates to 76 graduates at its annual commencement ceremony June 7 in Dodson Auditorium.

Guy Parker Zurn, of Longview, was named the valedictorian; and Charlee Martin, of Gladewater, was named the salutatorian.

Several of the GED graduates were also Career Pathways Graduates (listed below).

KC’s Adult Education and Literacy program offers a full range of free services to help adults improve their lives, including English as a Second Language (ESL), basic literacy skills, exam preparation, High School Equivalency (HSE), Integrated Education & Training and Intensive College Readiness preparation.

Day and evening classes are offered at no cost at 25 locations in Gregg, Upshur and Rusk counties.

For information on the Adult Education and Literacy program, visit or call (903) 236-2004.

Certificate recipients by hometown:


  • Dallas: Hope Johnson
  • Gilmer: Ramirez, Alexis
  • Gilmer: Victoria Sanchez+
  • Gilmer: Amanda Watson
  • Gladewater: Donna Bunting+
  • Gladewater: Charlee Martin**+
  • Gladewater: James Odom
  • Gladewater: Christian Smarr
    Gladewater: Karlie Renee Ureste
  • Hallsville: Julia McCrary
    Onyx Gibson+
  • Kilgore: Anya Hommelm
  • Kilgore: Brianna Lemus
    Kilgore: Evabelle Lewis
  • Kilgore: Scarlet Lewis
  • Kilgore: Charles McGrath
  • Kilgore: Katherine Moyers
  • Kilgore: Kaitlyn Smith
  • Laird Hill: Colton Ballew
  • Longview: Caymin Darden+
  • Longview: Macey Elliott
  • Longview: Sarah Evans
  • Longview: Christopher Fugate
  • Longview: Alejandro Hernandez
  • Longview: Alyssa Korth
  • Longview: Jeremy Lisenbea+
  • Longview: Madisyn Major
  • Longview: Ilse McBride+
  • Longview: Cinthia Powell
  • Longview: Jonathan Ramos
  • Longview: Corbin Shannon+
    Longview: Matthew Slaton+
  • Longview: Heather Smith
  • Longview: Sadie Tageson
  • Longview: Frank Taylor Jr.
  • Longview: Corbitt Thompson
  • Longview: Maya Torres
  • Longview: Nicole Williams
  • Longview: Guy Parker Zurn*+
  • Overton: Maria Tavera
  • Tatum: Jaime Gonzalez
  • White Oak: Alexa Mcnutt

* Valedictorian
** Salutatorian

+ Top-Ten Graduate


  • Gladewater: Karlie Renee Ureste (Nursing Assistant)
    Kilgore: Evabelle Lewis (Nursing Assistant)
    Longview: Matthew Slaton (Intro to QuickBooks)


  • Avinger: Dariana Segura (Nursing Assistant)
  • Carthage: Lydia Adams (Medication Administration)
  • Gilmer: Kerime Cardenas (Internationally Trained Professional)
  • Gilmer: Rhiannon Reid (Phlebotomy)
  • Gladewater: Karlie Ureste (Nursing Assistant)
  • Harleton: Macie Faulkner (Phlebotomy)
  • Henderson: Margarita Lopez (Internationally Trained Professional)
  • Kilgore: Maribel Carrera (Intro to QuickBooks)
  • Kilgore: Angel Crush (Nursing Assistant)
  • Kilgore: Estrella Sonia (Entrepreneurship)
  • Kilgore: Hailey Graves (Nursing Assistant)
  • Kilgore: Donna Hanks (Nursing Assistant)
  • Kilgore: Laura Hernandez (Entrepreneurship)
  • Kilgore: Thavann Konh (Intro to QuickBooks)
  • Kilgore: Emilio Molineros (Internationally Trained Professional)
  • Kilgore: Monica Zavala (Sterile Processing)
  • Longview: Amanda Allen (Nursing Assistant)
  • Longview: Sherrell Cleaver (Nursing Assistant)
  • Longview: Crissalyn Dotrey (Nursing Assistant)
  • Longview: Wynter Dunn (Nursing Assistant)
  • Longview: Mercedes Herrera (Intro to QuickBooks)
  • Longview: TuVarra Lampkin (Nursing Assistant)
  • Longview:  Shytavia Mallard (Nursing Assistant)
  • Longview: Arisbet Moreno (Nursing Assistant)
  • Longview: Alma Pascual (Entrepreneurship)
  • Longview: Ahilya Phipps (Phlebotomy)
  • Longview: Angel Plascencia (Internationally Trained Professional)
  • Longview: Deneshia Poole (Sterile Processing)
  • Longview: Olivo Guadalupe Sandoval (Internationally Trained Professional)
  • Longview: Javonna Smith (Clinical Medical Assistant)
  • Longview: Kennicia Smith (Clinical Medical Assistant)
  • Longview: Gerardo Uribe (Internationally Trained Professional)
  • Longview: Nathalie Wilcox (Nursing Assistant)
  • Longview: Jasmine Williams (Nursing Assistant)
  • Tatum: Paloma Hernandez (Internationally Trained Professional)

Photo by Rachel Stallard/KC