Kilgore College joins Amazon Web Services (AWS) Skills to prepare learners for cloud careers

Earlier this year, Kilgore College began collaborating with technologists from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Skills to better align their tech programs to industry.

This collaboration addresses the skills gap in community college and university curricula to better reflect industry needs and prepare learners for careers in areas such as IT/cloud support, software development, and data analysis.

As part of this effort, our faculty works closely with AWS experts on a regular basis to plan Business and Information Technology classes, build realistic project work, and create a high-quality education experience for our students.

This collaborative approach to our programming strengthens student career readiness and equips learners with in-demand skills that open pathways to entry-level tech roles in a rapidly-evolving job market.

The initiative enables our students to connect directly with employers through increased access to hiring events and internships and apprenticeships that provide real-world experience.

Through this collaboration, we are:

  • Modernizing our coursework and degree programs by aligning with emerging industry needs
  • Building closer relationships with AWS and its customer base, and integrating its expertise into our curricula
  • Providing applied learning projects, programs and events so that our students are job-ready