E-Mail Accounts for Students

All Kilgore College students will get a KC e-mail address.  This is your main communication to be used for the college. Your instructors will use this email to send you important class information. The Business Office, the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid and Student Services all will use your KC email to communicate with you, also. If you are a currently enrolled (registered) KC student, in good standing with the business office (that is, your bill is paid or covered by financial aid), then we invite you to sign up for your KC email account.

  • It’s free
  • It’s accessible from any computer with Internet access
  • It has a LOT of storage. (about 2 gigs worth)

How to set up your KC e-mail address:

  • Get out your student ID number. You will you need the last four digits.
  • Go to http://mail.go.kilgore.edu to log in. (NOTE: NO www!)

Your username is:

  • The first four letters of your last name
  • + The first four letters of your first name
  • + The LAST four digits of your KC ID number (Not your social security number, but the college-issued ID number)

Example: If your name is Chris Smith and your KC ID is 1234-56789, then your username is smitchri6789.

Your first password:

Your initial password is the word “Student” + your month number and birth date number, using double digits for each. For example, if you were born on May 6, your password is Student0506.
NOTE: Student has the S capitalized! It will not work unless you do the cap. The rest are lower case.

Once you have figured out your username and password, log in. You will be presented an agreement page where you will check that you agree to abide by the user agreement.

You're ready to go.

Your new email address is your username@go.kilgore.edu (Example, smitchri6789@go.kilgore.edu).

Forget your password?

Don't fret.  Click here to reset your password.


Contact the KC Computer Helpdesk at (903) 988-7522 or e-mail them.