Manufacturing, Transportation & Industrial Technology

Students in a Manufacturing, Transportation and Industrial Technology pathway prepare for careers in highly technical environments working with various machinery and equipment.  Possible careers in this school of study include HVAC technician, auto body repair technician, automotive technician, corrosion technician, heavy equipment technician, industrial maintenance technician, instrumentation technician, safety and health inspector, plant operator, process technician, and welder.

Related Texas High School Endorsement: Business and Industry

Available Degree and Certificate Programs

Please note that the career maps below are regularly updated guides for students’ reference and may not align with graduation requirements for students entering KC during previous semesters/years.  Please check your degree audit in AccessKC for your official graduation requirements.

Career Pathways Degree Program Webpage Links
Air Conditioning/Refrigeration (HVAC) AAS or Cert Visit HVAC-R webpage
Automotive Technology AAS or Cert Visit Automotive Technology webpage
Corrosion Technology AAS or Cert Visit Corrosion Technology webpage
Diesel Technology AAS or Cert Visit Diesel Technology webpage
Industrial Maintenance Technology AAS or Cert Visit Industrial Maintenance Technology webpage
Instrumentation & Electrical Technology AAS or Cert Visit Instrumentation & Electrical Technology webpage
Occupational Safety & Health Technology AAS or Cert Visit Occupational Safety & Health Technology webpage
Process Technology AAS Visit Process Technology webpage
Process Technology - Petroleum Specialty AAS Process Technology - Petroleum Specialty webpage
Welding Technology AAS or Cert Visit Welding Technology webpage


Careers in Manufacturing, Transportation & Industrial Technology Area

Marketable Skills

Active Listening
Complex Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Operations Analysis
Systems Analysis
Time Management