Kilgore College Citation Appeal Form

INSTRUCTIONS/INFORMATION: Students, faculty, staff members, and visitors receiving a Kilgore College Police parking citation have ten (10) business days from the date of issuance to request an appeal.
This appeal form only applies to Kilgore College (KC) campus citations.

KC appeals are adjudicated by the KC Citation Appeals Committee. Your appeal will be based solely on your typed explanation below.  You will not be required to appear at the appeal hearing.

The Appeals Committee shall, under normal circumstances, be assembled once per month to hear appeals. The decision rendered by this Appeals Committee shall represent the final authority for traffic and parking violation grievances at Kilgore College.

The following reasons for appeal will not be considered:

  • Ignorance of parking rules and regulations.
  • Did not receive a warning before being cited.
  • Other vehicles were parked improperly.
  • Infraction was only for a short time.
  • Never cited before for the same offense.
  • Late to class or appointment.
  • Inability to pay fine.
  • No other place to park.
  • Do not have a permit yet.

You will be required to upload an image or PDF of your citation below.