Summer Aid Request

Students must submit an application to be considered for summer aid. Summer aid funding is different from Pell or student loan funding and is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis as funds are available. Summer aid is limited to current KC students. Please review the following policies regarding summer aid.

Students who already have aid awarded for summer should not complete this application.

Please check your AccessKC Aid for 2020-21 to determine if you have already been awarded aid of any kind for summer.

By submitting the form below, I acknowledge the policies, deadlines and terms & conditions set forth by the Kilgore College Financial Aid Office and/or the Department of Education regarding:

  1. Satisfactory Academic Progress
    1. Students found to be on Financial Aid Suspension following Spring grades being posted will have any potential financial aid – federal or otherwise – removed from their account
    2. Summer appeals will be granted at the discretion of the KC Appeal Committee
  2. Credit-hour enrollment for summer
    1. Students must enroll for at least 1 course during summer
    2. Students must have at least 6 financial aid eligible hours to qualify for Year-Round Pell and/or student loans
    3. All aid is subject to change when credit hour enrollment changes
  3. Enrollment eligibility
    1. All hours paid for by Financial Aid must fall under each student’s established degree plan
  4. Aid application submission and Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) information
    1. A FAFSA or TASFA for the current academic year must be on file
  5. Transfer and transient student eligibility
    1. Transfer students are not eligible for summer aid besides any Pell (including Year-Round Pell) and/or Direct Loans they may have remaining from the current academic year
    2. Transfer students must submit a current FAFSA to Kilgore College to have any aid awarded
    3. Transient students are not eligible for summer aid
  6. Student accounts and holds
    1. Students may be prevented from registering for courses if a hold is on their account
    2. Holds may also prevent financial aid from being awarded until resolved
  7. Fund availability for students whose Pell and/or Loans have been depleted for the academic year
    1. Students requesting summer aid will be required to utilize Pell funds when possible (including Year-Round Pell)
      1. Students utilizing Year-Round Pell must enroll in a minimum of 6 hours for summer
    2. Funds besides Pell and Direct Loans are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis - tuition & fees only
    3. There is no guarantee of funds, or additional funds if student adds courses after the initial summer aid application
    4. Students with tuition waivers or exemptions, veterans benefits that pay tuition, or outside agency tuition funds will be required to utilize those funds if available rather than designated summer aid funds

Detailed information can be found online at Your submission indicates you have read and understand all the statements and policies concerning summer aid at Kilgore College.