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Get the monetary help you need to attend college.

Spring 2019 Suspension Appeal Deadline: Jan. 3, 2019

Spring Student Loan Deadline: April 12, 2019

How do I use the new AccessKC Financial Aid?

Kilgore College is no longer using myKC for students to set up or check on their financial aid.  The new system is called AccessKC Financial Aid.

Check back soon for a how-to video and detailed instructions.

If you already know how to use the new system:

Log In to AccessKC Financial Aid

College is possible!

You've been considering attending Kilgore College for months or even years. You know what you want, and you've got an idea what it will cost. What you don't know is where you're going to find the money. The financial aid professionals at Kilgore College will show you how paying for tuition (and maybe some other expenses) is possible without depleting your savings or emptying your wallet.

You might qualify for state or federal grants, loans or scholarships:

Kilgore College is committed to helping you make your education as affordable as possible. Students may qualify for:

Are you a Veteran?

If you are a Veteran, check out the Veterans Page.

Info for first-generation college students:

Nearly one-third of all incoming freshmen each year are first-generation college students. Defined as learners coming a family where neither of their parents or guardians have obtained a bachelor’s degree, the majority of these students hail from minority households. While being a first generation college student is a proud accomplishment, students in this category often face obstacles their peers don’t experience. View the first-generation college student guide.

What do I do first?

Fill out a FAFSA. You will first need to get a FSA ID at  The FSA ID is your electronic signature for the Dept. of Education and is required to complete your online FAFSA. Your parents are required to have their own FSA ID if you are a dependent. After getting your FSA ID, complete your FAFSA at (you will need tax return documentation to complete the FAFSA).  The FAFSA is a free online tool for financial aid.  You should never pay anything to fill this information out. Financial aid cannot be awarded without a completed FAFSA on file. Kilgore College must be listed as your first school of choice.  KC's code is 003580.

Need help filling out the FAFSA?

Come to our campus and speak with our highly trained financial aid staff to assist with this process. Be sure to call first (903-983-8211) so we can tell you the information that will be needed to complete this step for you. We look forward to seeing you!

Deadline to apply for Financial Aid for the fall is July 1.

Submitting the FAFSA and any required documents late will still have their files processed. Financial Aid files will be processed in the order in which the documents were received.

Student Right to Know Information:

The Student Right to Know Act, the Campus Security Act, and the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act require all colleges and universities participating in federal Student Aid Programs to disclose certain institution information, including graduation rates, information on students receiving athletics-related student aid, campus security policies and campus crime statistics.  Kilgore College is in compliance with Title IV requirements regarding reporting graduation rates. Graduation rates are reported to the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System (IPEDS) as well as other federally mandated information such as diversity and retention.

Kilgore College warns students to be leery of a rash of social media advertisements that appear to offer an option to “remove all student loans” and promising loan forgiveness.  Loan rescue... Read Article

Financial Aid

Student Loans

For more information, visit the Student Loans page.


For more information, visit the Scholarships page.

Veterans Education Benefits

For more information, visit the Veterans Education Benefits page.

What to do After Your FAFSA is Completed

Complete a KC Application for Admission. If you are a new student, you need to complete an Admission Application. This must be done before financial aid can be awarded.

Request your transcripts or GED records to be sent to the KC Registrar's Office.

Optional: Apply for KC scholarships. Scholarship applications are available from the KC Financial Aid Office or from high school counselors.

Log into your myKC Financial Aid account.  Students will NOT have a myKC Financial Aid account created until KC receives your FAFSA. The easiest way to get to your account is at and click the myKC Financial Aid button at the top of the page. On the first log in of your myKC Financial Aid account, you will need to follow the “First Time User” instructions. You will be required to enter your social security number, then click the Submit button. It will then open a new page where you will be required to answer questions to verify your identity and create a new 5 digit pin number. If this is completed correctly it will re-direct you back to the log in page. You should be able to log in with your social security number and new pin number. If you answer questions incorrectly or in the wrong format you will get an error message. Please watch the “How To Video” for a demonstration on these steps. Click on the “Forms” tab locate any forms that are required, print, complete and return the required forms to the KC Financial Aid Office.

Check myKC Financial Aid periodically for your Award’s package.  If you have been awarded financial aid, you will need to review the “ACCEPT AWARDS” carefully and check the “I agree to these Terms and Conditions” before you can actually accept, decline, or reduce your awards. Your accepted grant/scholarship funds will now be available to pay your school charges.   NOTE: You will need to complete the Master Promissory Note and undergraduate Entrance Loan Counseling on before the loans will be awarded or available to your school charges.

Register for your classes. Get a paid receipt from the Cashier’s Office. Use your paid receipt to have your Ranger Card made. The Ranger Card serves as a KC ID/debit card and will have all credit balances placed on it at the appropriate time in the semester.

Buy your books: You may charge books against your grant, scholarship or loan funds if you are due a credit balance up to the twelfth class day of the regular Fall or Spring semester. Charging books for classes with different starting and ending dates (Flex Classes) will vary by class and funds may not be available for this use depending on your schedule.

Attend your classes: You must attend your classes to be eligible for aid. All instructors have to report to the financial aid office any students who did not attend. Aid for those students will be cancelled and students will owe Kilgore College for charges incurred.

Monitor your credit balances: You may be eligible for unused funds if your financial aid exceeds the cost of your college tuition, fees, books and room/board. Credit balances will be placed on your Kilgore College Ranger Card around 35-45 days after the start of the Fall or Spring semester. Summer semesters have different dates.

Note: Financial Aid is designed to assist you to get a college education. You may be responsible to repay some or all of the grant funds that have been received on your behalf if you withdraw before the end of the semester.

Forms for Financial Aid

Visit the Financial Aid Forms page.

How to Print Your Tax Transcript Online

View the PDF instructions of how to print your Tax Transcript.

Or follow the instructions below:

  1. In your web browser, go to On the front page, under the heading marked “Tools,” click “Get Transcript of Your Tax Records.”
  2. To print your tax return transcript from the website, click the blue button that says “Get Transcript ONLINE.” In order to access this option, you must sign up for an account on the IRS website.
  3. To sign up for an account, you must provide a valid e-mail address. The IRS will send a confirmation code to the e-mail address you provide them to make sure the sign‐up isn’t fraudulent. After clicking “Send Email Confirmation Code,” log in to your email address to retrieve it. Type it in on the page marked “Step 2 of 6” to continue.
  4. The next step is simple – just enter your personal information, and indicate if you have filed taxes any time in the last seven years. For your filing status, list your filing status on your most recent tax return.
  5. The next step asks you several personal questions that a stranger would not easily know. The IRS pulls these questions and answers from previous addresses, credit reports, et cetera. This is another security safeguard to protect you from identity theft. Answer the questions by clicking the correct bubble for each.
  6. Next, you must pick a security phrase and picture. Any time you log in to the IRS web site in the future, this “site phrase” will display. This is yet another security feature – it lets you know that the website you are logging into actually belongs to the IRS and is not a look‐alike trying to steal your info.
  7. Next, we have one last security feature. Please pick three security questions from the drop‐down list provided by the web site and write their answers in the blanks. We strongly recommend picking questions whose answers will not change (ex. “What city were you born in?”) rather than ones that might change frequently (ex. “What’s your favorite TV show?”)
  8. Congratulations! Your IRS web site profile has been created, and you can now access your tax transcripts and other documents registered with the IRS. Click “Continue” to proceed.
  9. To print your tax transcript, click the “Federal Tax” button from the available bubbles listed at the top of the screen. Then, click the appropriate year under “Return Transcript.” This will open your tax transcript in a new window in “PDF” format. (You will need Adobe Reader or a similar program to open and print .PDF files, but this program is standard‐issue in almost all modern computers.)
  10. FINAL NOTE: Please note that if you had to make an amendment (correction) to your taxes after you filed them, you must also print that year’s “Record of Account Transcript,” available just to the right of the return transcript. This is necessary because the “Return Transcript” only shows the original information, not the corrections.
Return to Title IV Policies & Procedures
Suspension Appeal Process

View KC's Suspension Appeal Process (pdf)

Verification and Professional Judgments

Verification Process

Verification is a process intended to improve the accuracy of the information submitted on the FAFSA. It is not intended to function like a forensic audit. But the Kilgore College Financial Aid Office may not process requests for professional judgment or disburse federal student aid until the verification process is complete per federal regulations. The US Department of Education selects files for verification prior to submitting the FAFSA to the schools the student listed to receive the information. At any time during the review process, Kilgore College has the right to choose files for verification, that were not selected by the federal processor, due to conflicting information.  

The United States Department of Education has a set of verification elements that colleges are required to verify prior to the disbursing of federal aid. FAFSA’s are sent to the schools you requested to receive the information with a response as to whether a student has been chosen for verification and if so, what elements are required to be verified. Only those FAFSA data elements flagged by the federal processor will be subjected to verification. The federal processor is likely to flag fewer than five data elements for most applicants, but some may have more than five data elements flagged. Most colleges that previously verified only 30% of their student's FAFSAs will end up verifying more FAFSAs but fewer total data elements.

The set of data elements potentially subject to verification has been significantly expanded and may change from one year to the next. Data elements currently subject to verification include:

  • household size,
  • number in college,
  • receiving food stamps,
  • child support paid,
  • adjusted gross income,
  • taxes paid
  • several untaxed income items (untaxed IRA distributions, untaxed pensions, education credits, IRA deductions, and tax exempt interest).

The data elements selected for verification may depend on the applicant's dependency status, whether the applicant or applicant's parents file or do not file federal income tax returns and whether the applicant is eligible for auto zero EFC or not, among other criteria.

The Kilgore College Financial Aid Office will notify students, via the electronic Student Financial Aid portal of any and all required documents. Most documentation will be hard copy documentation the student will need to submit, however there may be Kilgore College forms that must also be completed. 

The Kilgore College Financial Aid Verification Specialist has the right to request any documentation that may be necessary to complete the verification process.

Professional Judgments:

Decisions made by the Financial Aid Director and / or Assistant Financial Aid Director for the purpose of changing dependency status or decreasing income based on the loss/change in employment, divorce, death, or other extenuating circumstances. Documentation will be required before a review or decision can be made.

Confidentiality and FERPA

For more information, visit the FERPA page.

How to Appeal Your Financial Aid Suspension

Any student, who has been placed on Financial Aid Suspension, has the right to request a suspension appeal based on the following extenuating circumstances:

  • Injury or Illness of the student of immediate family member - immediate family members consist of your children, parents, siblings, or guardian. A detailed explanation with specific dates will be required, along with documentation from doctor or hospital records.
  • Death of an immediate family member - immediate family members consist of your children, parents, grandparents, siblings, or guardian. A death certificate, obituary, and proof of the relationship will be required along with a detailed explanation of how their death affected you academically.
  • Major Pregnancy related issues - these issues must be serious conditions and you will be required to bring in documentation from your OB/Gyn confirming the diagnosis and proof that he placed you on bed rest or due to problems during labor and delivery that required an extended hospital stay.
  • Other extenuating circumstances - any other serious problem that can be proven with documentation. A detailed explanation of what the circumstances were and why they affected you academically will also be required.
  • Students placed on Suspension due to PACE or 150% Rule - must provide documentation that you can complete your program of study within a reasonable timeframe (less than 2 semesters).

NOTE: Every student that requests a Financial Aid Suspension Appeal, will also be required to complete and submit a Suspension Appeal Form along with all required documentation not only for the semester that the student was placed on suspension, but also the semester that the student was placed on warning. Submitting incomplete forms and/or completed forms without documentation will not be accepted for consideration or review. Submitting the form and documentation does not guarantee that your appeal will be granted.

To download a  Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Form or a Suspension Appeal Form for Excessive Hours, they are located on the Financial Aid Forms page.

(Suspension appeal for anyone who has received a letter of Limited or No Financial Aid Eligibility)

The Financial Aid Office will review each of the following elements when determining whether to grant or deny an appeal:

  • The Financial Aid Office will contact instructors to verify that you notified them of the situation and made every attempt to complete missed work and quizzes or tests required during your absence.
  • All documentation submitted will be verified and a timeline of events must be consistent with the student’s enrollment during the Warning and Suspension timeframe.
  • All previous college transcripts MUST be on file in the Kilgore College Registrar’s Office prior to the suspension appeal review process, as all college grades will be reviewed to determine whether the appeal should be granted or denied.
  • An interview will be scheduled to review the details and documentation submitted. It is the student’s responsibility to call the Financial Aid Office to set this appointment at their convenience.  If the suspension is granted, the student will be placed on Probation and a Suspension Appeal Contract will be created. The student must agree with terms and conditions prior to signing the contract. Any element of the contract that is not successfully completed will render the contract NULL & VOID. The student will then be placed back on suspension with no further possibility of another appeal.
  • The Financial Aid Office will verify that the student was making SAP prior to the event that caused the suspension.

NOTE: Students can only apply for a Suspension Appeal one time. All Suspension Appeal Forms with documentation, MUST be submitted to the Financial Aid Office with a scheduled appointment for no later than two weeks prior or REGISTRATION. There will not be any scheduled appointments for suspension appeals two weeks prior to REGISTRATION, during REGISTRATION, or during the first two weeks of class.

Students' Rights and Responsibilities

You have a right to know:

  • What financial aid programs are available
  • The deadline for submitting applications for each of the programs
  • How financial aid will be distributed
  • How financial need is determined in general
  • Criteria for continued eligibility
  • The cost of attending Kilgore College
  • Resources considered in calculating the individual’s financial need
  • Refund Policy of Kilgore College
  • Financial aid disbursement procedures
  • What constitutes a "hold" on a student’s records and how it is removed
  • What portion of the financial aid received must be repaid and how that amount was determined
  • Source and amount of each type of aid which is offered
  • About the success rate of Kilgore College’s full-time, undergraduate students who graduate, complete a program of study or transfer out to another institution. Most Kilgore College students either take courses to enhance skills, or transfer to four-year institutions.
  • About certain statistics, policies and a description of programs that promote campus safety. The Kilgore College Annual Security Report is available in the Vice President’s office, campus police office, library, and the Financial Aid Office.
  • The Satisfactory Academic Progress criteria and procedures for aid recipients, and appeal procedures for reversal of suspension status
  • The general conditions and terms under the college work study program.

Your responsibilities are to:

  • Be the primary source for meeting the cost of education
  • Inform the Office of Financial Aid of any changes in enrollment status
  • Meet Satisfactory Progress criteria
  • Complete all application forms accurately and submit them on time
  • Provide correct information (misreporting information on financial aid forms is a violation of the law and may be considered a criminal offense which could result in indictment under the U.S. Criminal Code)
  • Use financial aid funds solely for educational purposes
  • Promptly return all additional documentation, verification, corrections, and/or new information requested by the Financial Aid Office or the agency to which you submitted your application
  • Inform the Financial Aid Office and Admissions Office of any address or Social Security change
  • Read, understand, and keep copies of all forms that you are asked to sign
  • Inform the Financial Aid Office of any income change, including earnings, scholarships, etc.
  • Perform the work agreed on when accepting a Kilgore College Work Study award
  • Be aware of and comply with deadlines for applications or reapplication for aid
  • In accepting financial assistance, you must comply with all responsibilities listed on this page. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation or reduction of assistance offered
Work-Study and Student Jobs

For information on College Work-Study and departmental jobs, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

For information about Financial Aid:

Financial Aid Office
Main Contact for General Questions
(903) 983-8211
Devall Student Center (DEVAL), 2nd Floor
(903) 988-7528
Reggie Brazzle
Financial Aid Department
(903) 983-8217
Devall Student Center (DEVAL), 2nd Floor
Beverly Davis
Scholarships, Texas Grants and DARS/WIA
(903) 983-8210
Devall Student Center (DEVAL), 2nd Floor, 230
(903) 988-7528
Sonya Olvera
Verification Specialist
Financial Aid Department
(903) 983-8183
Devall Student Center (DEVAL), 236
Charles Hanks
Professional Support Assistant
Financial Aid Department
(903) 236-2058
Longview Campus, Office 106
(903) 988-7528
Jackie Kelley
Assistant Director
Financial Aid Department
(903) 983-8171
Devall Student Center (DEVAL), 235
(903) 988-7528
Rebekah Metcalf
Student Loan Coordinator
Work Study Program Coord.
(903) 988-3733
Devall Student Center (DEVAL), 2nd Floor
(903) 988-7528
Angie Rice
Veterans Coordinator
Financial Aid
(903) 988-7420
Devall Student Center (DEVAL), 2nd Floor
Irais Barrera Manzo
Financial Aid Specialist
Financial Aid
(903) 983-8641
Devall Student Center (DEVAL), 2nd Floor