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Welcome to the KC Registrar's Office! We are here to assist with registration, transcripts, dropping courses and graduation. The following sections will answer most of your questions, but please feel free to contact the Registrar's Office at (903) 983-8606 if you have questions or need additional information.

For detailed information on how to register:  View the current Registration Guide.

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Registrar Office

How to Request a KC Transcript
High School and Other College Transcripts
  • It is recommended that transcripts be on file before registration to document test scores, exemptions from state-mandated testing, or completion of course prerequisites.
  • All required transcripts must be received before next registration period or future enrollment and access to your KC transcript will be blocked.
  • Transcripts should be sent from institution to institution.
  • Hand-carried transcripts may be considered for acceptance if all these conditions are met:

Transcript is in a sealed high school/college letterhead envelope.
Transcript is complete and no older that six months.

Registration and Payment Information

KC offers both web and on-campus registration and students are encouraged to register early to assure the largest selection of courses and times.

  • Students eligible to web-register may use AccessKC to register, pay, make schedule changes or withdraw from school - see each semester's Registration Guide for web registration opening and closing dates and times.
  • Registration for classes is necessary for every semester of attendance at KC - see each semester's Registration Guide for registration dates, instructions and payment deadlines.
  • Prior to initial registration, the student must meet the appropriate admissions requirements as listed in the college catalog.
  • State-mandated testing is required prior to registration for all students unless documentation of exemption from the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is on file (see Registration Guide or course catalog for TSI exemptions).
  • Even if TSI exempt, placement testing may be required to meet course/program prerequisites.
  • Registration is not complete until the student receives a paid receipt for the Cashier's Office or from the web pay system in AccessKC.
  • Students registering on campus may use AccessKC to pay even if ineligible to register online.
  • Failure to meet payment deadlines will result in classes being dropped.
Graduation FAQ and Graduation Application Dates

Degrees/certificates are not awarded automatically.

Students must fill out the online graduation application in AccessKC.

Graduation Application Deadlines:

  • Fall Semester (December graduate): Aug. 15 - Oct. 1
  • Spring Semester (May graduate): Jan. 15 - March 1
  • Summer I Semester (July graduate): May 1 - June 15
  • Summer II Semester (August graduate): May 1 - July 15

NOTE: Students finishing requirements in the Christmas Mini semester are considered Spring graduates and students completing requirements in the May Mini semester are considered Summer I graduates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Graduation:

I complete my degree or certificate requirements soon. Will I automatically receive my degree or certificate once I finish my courses?

No, degrees and certificates are not awarded automatically. You must apply for graduation by the specified deadlines.

I don't want to participate in the graduation ceremony. Do I still have to apply for graduation?


How do I apply for graduation?

Once you submit the application, we’ll do the rest! Students will receive confirmation of graduation status by mail once applications have been processed (usually within 4 weeks). Students participating in the graduation ceremony will receive instructions by student e-mail (Ranger Mail) approximately one month prior to the ceremony.

When do I apply for graduation?

You must be registered in your remaining required courses before submitting a graduation application.

What are the graduation requirements?

Graduation requirements are in the KC catalog in the "Academic Policies" and "Occupational Courses of Study" sections. Final responsibility for meeting all graduation requirements rests with the student.

Is there a fee for graduation?

There is no graduation fee. However, students participating in the graduation ceremony must purchase a cap and gown from the KC Bookstore. The cost is usually $30.

When is graduation?

The Fall graduation ceremony is held at Dodson Auditorium on the KC campus on the Friday following the end of final exams in December. Two Spring graduation ceremonies are held in Dodson Auditorium on the Friday following the end of final exams in May. The August ceremony is held in Dodson Auditorium on the last day of the Summer II semester. Participation is ceremonial only and does not confer on a student any rights to a degree or certificate.

Which graduation ceremony do I participate in?

KC has formal graduation exercises in December, May, and August. It is generally expected that graduates will participate in the ceremony at the end of the semester in which degree requirements are completed (Summer I graduates participate in the August ceremony). Participation in the ceremony prior to completing degree requirements must be recommended by the dean of the division and approved by the registrar.

How do I know what to do the night of graduation?

All graduates who have indicated a desire to participate in the ceremony on their graduation applications will receive instructions by student e-mail (Ranger Mail) approximately one month prior to the ceremony.

Is there a way for me to get a graduation photo?

FLASH Photography will be photographing each graduate during the commencement ceremony. Complimentary proofs will be mailed to the graduates within one week of the ceremony. If you have any questions, please contact Flash Photography via their website at

How do I get my cap and gown?

Caps and gowns are purchased through the KC Bookstore beginning approximately two weeks before the ceremony until 3:00 pm on graduation day.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are not awarded at the graduation ceremony, but will be mailed when the Registrar's Office certifies that all graduation requirements have been met, usually 4 - 6 weeks after the end of the semester.

I am applying for a job and need to provide proof of my degree, but I can't wait until my diploma arrives in the mail. What do I do?

The transcript is the official record of graduation. Graduation information is typically posted to transcripts within three business days of the end of the semester. Transcripts can be ordered online by visiting the transcripts webpage.

I finished all my graduation requirements in a previous semester, but didn't know I was supposed to apply for graduation. What do I do now?

You may still apply for graduation. However, we cannot grant your degree or certificate until the end of the semester in which you submit your graduation application. If it has been more than a year since you were last enrolled, you may be required to meet the graduation requirements that are currently in place.

I transferred to a university before I completed my graduation requirements at KC. Is it possible to transfer courses back to KC from the university to complete my graduation requirements?

Yes. To begin this process, you should request that your university send an official transcript to the KC Registrar's Office. Please contact the Registrar's Office in advance so that we will know you want your transcript evaluated for graduation. Students who were not enrolled at KC during the preceding academic year must meet current graduation requirements, even if different from the graduation requirements that were in place during the student's attendance at KC. A minimum of 25% of the degree requirements must be completed at KC. In most cases this is 15 credit hours. Contact the Counseling Center at (903) 983-8206 or Registrar's Office at (903) 983-8606 for more information.

I need another copy of my diploma. How do I get one?

Diploma re-print request forms are available through the Registrar's Office by calling (903) 983-8606. The cost is $15 per diploma, which must be paid by money order made out to Kilgore College.

Schedule Changes or Withdrawing from School

Any registered student may generally add a course or make other schedule changes:

  • During published registration periods
  • During the first two days of classes in a long semester
  • During the first day of a summer term

Students eligible to web register may add and make changes online until the end of registration. See Registration Guide for dates and times. Payment for added classes or any additional fees is due at the time the schedule is changed.

Dropping a course or withdrawing from school:

  • Students wishing to drop a class must meet with their instructor of academic advisor to begin the course withdrawal process.
  • Students wishing to withdraw from school must complete an official withdrawal form and take the form to the Registrar's Office in the Devall Student Center on the Kilgore campus, or in the Hendrix Building at KC-Longview.
  • Withdrawal forms are available in the Counseling Center in Kilgore or at the KC-Longview office.
  • Students eligible to register through AccessKC may drop or withdraw online through the end of Final Registration.
  • Drop/withdrawal deadlines are published in the Registration Guide each semester.
  • While instructors may drop students for absences, it is the student's ultimate responsibility to drop classes or withdraw from school.
  • Students who fail to officially drop/withdraw may receive a grade of "F" for the semester and may have to re-pay financial aid.
Grades and GPA Calculator

Grades must be viewed online through AccessKC and are not mailed. To calculate your semester GPA, fill in your letter grade and course credit value for up to seven (7) courses.  To calculate your overall GPA, also include your current GPA and credits. This GPA calculator below is unofficial and is for estimation purposes only. The official GPA is what is listed on the Kilgore College transcript.

College GPA Calculator
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Students Returning After One Year Off

Returning students who have not been enrolled for one year must re-apply for admission.

Importance of Submitting Correct Data

Students are required to provide the college with accurate personal information and to update that information when it changes. The college assumes no responsibility for students' credits when students use different social security numbers, names or variations of names during registration. Students requiring change of name, social security number or address may visit the Registrar's Office on the second floor of the Devall Student Center or KC-Longview to complete the necessary paperwork (additional documentation may be required).

How to determine residency classification

Texas Education Code Section 54.052 outlines the guidelines for determining Texas residency classification.  Guidelines for determining in-district and out-of-district classification are based on the Kilgore College Tax District and policies of the Kilgore College Board of Trustees, and are detailed below.  Tuition is based on residency status and the number of semester hours in which a student enrolls. The following define the types of residency status:

  • An in-district student is a resident of the State of Texas domiciled within the Kilgore College District composed of the school districts of Kilgore, Sabine, Gladewater, White Oak, Leverett's Chapel, Overton, and West Rusk County Consolidated. Kilgore College taxes must be assessed on the residential property where the student is domiciled and provided to the Office of Admissions and Registrar when requested.
  • An out-of-district student is a resident of the State of Texas domiciled outside the Kilgore College District.
  • non-resident student is a resident outside the state of Texas, including international students.

Reclassification of Residency Status:

The college will require the student to sign an oath of residency as part of the admission process. It is the student's responsibility to use the proper residence classification. If there is any question as to right of classification as a resident of Texas or the Kilgore College District, it is the student's obligation, prior to or at the time of registration, to raise the question with the Office of Admissions and Registrar.

The student should report any change in residency status to the Office of Admissions and Registrar before registration. Likewise, a student classified as a non-resident will remain in that status until such time as the student has requested reclassification and the Office of Admissions and Registrar has officially approved the request. If inaccurate or fraudulent information is provided by the student to document residency status, the student will be held liable for repayment of any tuition/fees that were under-charged as a result of that information. Reclassification requests must be initiated by the student. Residency status changes are not made automatically.

For reclassification to be effective for a specific semester, the request for reclassification and any documentation must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Registrar on or before the official reporting date (ORD) of the semester. The ORD may be found in the college academic calendar or by calling the Office of Admissions and Registrar. The student should direct all questions concerning residency status to the Office of Admissions and Registrar, located in the Devall Student Center. Phone (903) 983-8606.

Documentation of Basis for Texas Residency Status:

Classification as a Texas resident requires that the student substantiate residence in Texas for the immediate twelve months preceding registration. Factors other than time in the state may affect residency classification. For example, the legal home address of a student who is dependent for income tax purposes is considered to be the address of the parent(s) claiming the student. Also, students who come to Texas for the purpose of education are ineligible to claim Texas residency for tuition purposes as long as they remain in school. A complete evaluation of individual circumstances is provided at the time of application for admission. Additional information is available from the Office of Admissions and Registrar (903) 983-8202. In addition to the core residency questionnaire, documents acceptable for this purpose may include, but are not limited to, an official Texas high school transcript, the employer's statement of date of employment, lease agreement, a permanent Texas driver's license (at least one year old), and a Texas voter registration.

Documentation of Basis for In-District Residency Status:

All Texas residents are classified as out-of-district until sufficient information is on file to verify in-district residency. The legal home address of a student who is dependent for income tax purposes is the address of the parent/guardian claiming the student. Therefore, the residency status of a dependent student is based upon the residence of the parent/guardian. EXCEPTION: If a parent/guardian who does not claim the student for income tax purposes lives in-district, the student may be granted in-district residency (proof of parental status/guardianship and in-district residence are required). Students who are independent for income tax purposes must establish their own residence in the district. Students who are under age 24 must provide proof of independence. Documents acceptable for verifying in-district residency may include, but are not limited to, a permanent Texas driver's license, a property tax receipt, a lease agreement, and a utility bill. Additional information is available from the Office of Admissions and Registrar (903) 983-8202.

Waiver for Property Ownership:

The KC Board of Trustees has waived the difference between out-of-district resident rates and in-district rates for a person and his or her dependents who own residential real estate in the Kilgore College District. Additional information for required documentation is available from the Office of Admissions and Registrar (903) 983-8202.

Frequently Asked Questions

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