Financial Aid - Scholarships

Take advantage of the KC Scholarship Program.

Apply for a scholarship:

Kilgore College encourages you to apply for financial assistance through our scholarship program. A limited number of Kilgore College scholarship funds and grants are available to students who have fulfilled the scholarship criteria. Listed below are the various scholarships and the process to apply for each scholarship.

Priority Scholarship Funding Date: May 1


Academic and Institutional Scholarships

Presidential Scholarship:

Presidential Scholarship Application (fillable pdf)

The Presidential Scholarship is KC’s most prestigious academic scholarship and is designed to attract academically superior students to Kilgore College.

To apply: Download application here. The student may also contact his/her high school counselor for an application or call Sonya Olvera at (903) 983-8183 or send an e-mail to

Requirements for Presidential Scholarship:

  • Graduating high school seniors
  • Enhanced ACT composite score of 25 or SAT composite score of 1600 or above
  • High school grade average of 92 or higher
  • High school class rank in upper 10% of graduation class
  • Scholarship covers tuition, fees, and use of books
  • Must maintain 3.3 Cumulative GPA with a minimum of 15 hours per each long semester
  • They must exhibit personal conduct in keeping with the Code of Conduct in the KC Student Handbook
  • Recipients of this award may accept other KC institutional scholarships to cover the cost of room and board in college Housing only. They may accept scholarships from outside sources
  • KC Presidential Scholarship Application (pdf)
  • Application deadline is March 1

KC Employee - Dependent Child Scholarship:

Dependent Child Scholarship Application (pdf)

Dependent children of full time employees may be eligible to receive an institutional scholarship in an amount equivalent to the in-district tuition and general education fee costs.  Application for this scholarship and eligibility determination must occur annually

Basic requirements for scholarship eligibility include:

  • Prospective scholarship recipients must file the annual FAFSA application and receive their SAR before scholarship eligibility can be determined.
  • NOTE: Students claiming independent status when filing their FAFSA have waived their dependency rights and are not eligible for this scholarship.  Dual credit/early admission students need not file the FAFSA.
  • “Dependent children” of full-time employees who have a minimum of one year of service at Kilgore College will be considered eligible for this scholarship.

This scholarship will have the following limitations:

  • A maximum of 62 attempted semester credit hours (or equivalent continuing education certificate hours) will be covered.
  • Typically, participants will be limited to one degree or certificate.
  • Only in-district tuition and general education fees will be paid; out-of-district fees, course specific fees, books, uniforms, supplies, etc. will not be covered.
  • This will be a non-liquidated scholarship; thus, no cash will accrue to the student.
  • Students will be required to maintain a 2.5 grade point average each semester to retain the scholarship.

In order to maintain consistency between financial aid programs, dependency must be documented through one of the following means:

  • The student is claimed as a dependent on the employee’s most recent IRS tax return; or
  • The student is covered by the employee’s Kilgore College sponsored insurance plan; or
  • The employee is currently paying child support to/on behalf of the student; or
  • The student lists dependency to the employee on his/her FAFSA application.

Employees who do not meet the eligibility requirements but who have extenuating circumstances may request a review of their eligibility status by completing a review request form.

Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Communications Scholarships

Some performance scholarships are awarded to students involved in a fine/performing arts program at KC that include: Visual Art, KC Band, Communications, KC Choral/Vocal, Dance, Rangerettes, Theatre and KC Twirlers.

Priority Scholarship Funding Date: May 1, 2020

Band scholarships:

The Band Director is Brent Farmer. Interested students should directly contact him at (903) 983-8272 or e-mail him at Band scholarships are available to incoming students with the additional criteria

  • Any student graduating in good standing from their high school bands
  • A letter of recommendation from the high school band director is required

Choral/Vocal Scholarships:

The contact person for the choral/vocal scholarship is Dr. Mary Heiden. Call (903) 983-8120 or e-mail

Dance Scholarships:

  • The Dance Department at Kilgore College offers an intensive program in ballet, modern dance, tap and jazz. Interested parties should call (903) 983-8633.
  • Dance students are required to take all the dance courses offered each semester
  • Students are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA with a minimum of 12 hours
  • Students must audition in mid-April
  • The scholarship is renewable for four semesters upon meeting requirements

Music Scholarships:

Kilgore College offers Band, Choral/Vocal and Guitar scholarships.

All of the music programs require the following criteria:

  • Each requires participation in at least one ensemble relating to the area offering the scholarship.
  • Scholarships are contingent upon the individual students’ musical accomplishments, (all-region/all-area/all-state or solo/ensemble).
  • An audition will be set up by the respective department staff.
  • Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA with at least 12 hours.
  • Students’ schedule must include at least two non-music academic classes.

Rangerette Scholarships:

The Rangerette Director is Dana Blair. The Assistant Director is Shelley Wayne. You may contact them at (903) 983-8273 or e-mail them at or You can download a Rangerette tryout packet from the Rangerette website.

  • All Rangerette Hopefuls are required to complete Pre-Training prior to tryouts,
  • Tryouts are held in a closed session in July.
  • There is a fee for room and board for pre-training. This payment is non-refundable.
  • Scholarships are awarded after pre-training to those who are selected.
  • Rangerettes must maintain a 2.5 GPA with a minimum of 12 hours.

Twirler Scholarships:

The KC Twirlers perform at athletic events and special performances with the KC Ranger Band. KC Twirler applications can be downloaded from the website. The KC Twirler instructor is Jordan Jenkins. Call her at (903) 658-2286 or

Visual Arts Scholarships:

The Kilgore College Art Scholarship is designed to attract students to Kilgore College who possess outstanding talent and ability. To apply the student may contact the Kilgore College Visual Arts Chairman, Larry Kitchen, at (903) 983-8166 or send an e-mail to

Eligibility (Art Symposium winners are exempt from items A-C):

High school seniors must meet the following criteria:

  • Enhanced ACT composite score of 21 or SAT composite of 820 or higher
  • High school average of 85 or higher
  • Class rank of top 50 percent

Students currently enrolled at KC must meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a 2.25 grade average on at least 12 hours per semester
  • Be enrolled in at least one Visual Arts program
  • Maintain a “B” average in Visual Arts courses

The Kilgore College Scholarship Committee will review, evaluate, select and notify recipients. Recipients must notify the committee, in writing, of their intention to accept or reject the award.  


General Scholarships

General Institutional Scholarships:

Priority Scholarship Funding Date: May 1, 2020

The General Scholarship is based upon academic performance, and will require that the student meet the minimum grade point average and enrollment requirements as stated in an agreement letter. To apply, please download the general scholarship.  For more information, please contact Amber Kinsey at (903) 988-3780 or

  • Available to incoming freshmen, returning students or non-traditional students
  • ACT or SAT scores a plus in determining the scholarship recipient
  • Must maintain a 2.5 GPA with a minimum of twelve (12) hours per each long semester
  • An application for admission to KC on file in the Admissions Office
  • A copy of the high school or most recent college transcript in the Registrar’s Office (or submitted with the application)
  • The current FAFSA on file in the Financial Aid Office for the appropriate academic year
  • The monetary value varies depending on the scholarship awarded
  • Priority scholarship funding date is May 1, 2020.

General Scholarships include:

  • The Superintendent’s Scholarship is given to each Kilgore College in-district high school. This scholarship is awarded at the Superintendent’s discretion. ($600 or more yearly)
  • The Principal’s Scholarship is also given to each Kilgore College in-district high school. This scholarship is awarded at the high school principal’s discretion. ($600 or more yearly)
Community and Agency Scholarships

Outside scholarships or “agency scholarships” are funds that are awarded to students from sources outside of Kilgore College. Examples of outside sources are the Elks Lodge, the Lions Club, School organizations and Banks, etc. Most agencies do not send the scholarship funds to the school until the student’s proof of enrollment is provided to the scholarship donor. Proof of enrollment is the fee schedule that the student receives during class registration. Agencies usually prefer to send the student’s scholarship funds directly to the school to be credited to the students account.

Campus RN - Texas Edition for Nursing Students:

The CampusRN - Texas Edition features jobs and externships from employers specifically interested in recruiting candidates in Texas. A scholarship opportunity specifically for nursing students in Texas! Content is customized so students can get all the latest Texas healthcare employment news and trends.

Health Jobs
Search Thousands of Entry Level Jobs, Externships, & Scholarship Opportunities on CampusRN.

Health Jobs

Scholarships for Nursing
CampusRN has $15,000 in Scholarships Available to Nursing & Allied Health Students.

Scholarships for Nursing

Citrix ShareFile Innovation Scholarship:

The Citrix ShareFile Innovation Scholarship is accepting applications for the 2017 edition. 

We are offering $10,000 in scholarships with awards of $5,000, $3,000, and $2,000. This scholarship is open to all college students, regardless of major, and they can apply at:

Computer Science Scholarships: is part of a new initiative to grow the next generation of developers, engineers and network administrators. Obviously, an education in CS is the first step to a career. To help students like yours offset degree costs, we’ve developed a curated list of scholarships available only to computer science students.  We’ve analyzed hundreds of scholarships from around the country, and distilled them into a list of our favorites for current and prospective computer science students.

Culinary & Hospitality Scholarships

This scholarship, awarded biannually since 2015, is a one-time grant to students currently enrolled in or planning to attend a culinary arts or hospitality management program. Deadlines for each semester are Dec. 1 and June 15 each year. Apply Today!

Don't Mess with Texas Scholarship:

The Don't mess with Texas® Scholarship recognizes the achievements of Texas high school seniors who take a leadership role in preventing litter in their schools and communities. Any Texas high school senior currently attending public, private or home school and planning to attend an accredited Texas college or university next year may apply. Student essays should describe creative and/or sustainable solutions to prevent litter and build awareness of the Don't mess with Texas initiative.

To Apply Online Click Here

East Texas Communities Foundation:

East Texas Communities Foundation is currently accepting applications for 48 scholarships to be awarded for the 2017-18 academic year. The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. A summary list is attached. Detailed eligibility requirements and links to the applications are found on our website. Academic Scholarships:

For more information, visit their website.

Our mission at is connecting great students with great teachers.  First place will win a $1,000 scholarship, 2nd place will win a $500 scholarship, and 3rd/4th/5th place will win an annual unlimited subscription to Educator's 100+ course catalog ($300 value each).

Goedeker's Appliances Annual Culinary Scholarship:

$500 scholarship available... website.

Gregg County Bar Association Scholarship:

The Gregg County Bar Association is funding up to three scholarships to honor high school seniors for $1,000 apiece. Seniors from any Gregg County high school (public, private or charter) may apply. Only one scholarship will be given per family per year.  Click here for more info and application.

Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards:

Application available on their website.

Requirements for applicants:

  • Current high school JUNIOR (not seniors)
  • Plan to attend college in the 2012 Fall Semester
  • US Citizenship or US permanent residency
  • Of Hispanic/Latino descent (at least one parent)
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA ( on a 4.0 scale)  or 7.5 (on a 10.0 scale)
  • Willing to travel at own cost to the awards ceremony in your selected region

Hispanic & Latino Student Scholarships:

College enrollment for Hispanic and Latino students is on the rise. The US Census Bureau predicts that 25 percent of college students will identify as Hispanic or Latino by 2020. Despite impressive enrollment figures, these students may still face a unique set of challenges in their pursuit of a degree including immigration status, being the first in their family to go to college, and perhaps most significantly, financial obstacles.  To address the very real issue of affordability, our college planning team at created a holistic financial aid guide specifically for Hispanic and Latino students. We provide context for how students can best take advantage of available resources while offering a comprehensive listing of 40+ scholarship and grant opportunities.

Horatio Alger Career & Technical Scholarships:

Since 1984, the Horatio Alger Association has awarded over $125 million in college scholarships to deserving students.  Through nationally recognized education programs, the Association reaches out directly to our nation’s young people with a message of hope, opportunity, responsibility, and perseverance. 

The Horatio Alger Association seeks to assist students who have demonstrated integrity, perseverance in overcoming adversity, strength of character, financial need and commitment to pursue career or technical certification/degree, and a desire to contribute to society.


Junior League of Longview Scholarship 2019

The Junior League of Longview Scholarship aids women needing financial aid to further their education and/or aid those seeking to return to the workforce by pursuing a higher degree.

Download Scholarship Application (pdf)

The applications are due March 29, 2019, and should be mailed to:

The Junior League of Longview, Inc.
Attn: Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 866
Longview, TX  75606

Or submitted electronically to: 

For questions, please contact Gay Kirkland, Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, at (903) 758-2453.

Nursing Scholarships:

Searching for nursing scholarships can be time-consuming. To help speed up the process, we've compiled a list of scholarships specifically for nursing students, as well as other financial aid resources to help make nursing school more affordable for students. The guide also offers expert advice on how to stand out from other applicants and land a scholarship. You can check it out here:

Scholarships for Nursing Students: scholarship opportunities

Surety Bonds, through its Small Business Success Student Scholarship program, hopes to hear all about the small business experiences young entrepreneurs across the nation have gained, whether personally or from observing family members working to make a way for themselves. Three deserving individuals will win a $1,500 scholarship to use toward furthering their education at the college or university of their choice.

If you have any questions about or our scholarship program, you may contact me via email or via phone at 1 (800) 308-4358 ext. 210.

Texas Builders Foundation Scholarship

Who is eligible?

  1. Applicant must have been accepted or is enrolled as a student for the fall semester as:  a student in a Texas technical trade school or community college/university, and must be pursuing a construction related trade certification or construction degree.
  2. If applicant is a high school senior, they must have attended high school in Texas.
  3. Applicant must demonstrate an interest in obtaining employment in the construction industry or a construction related field upon graduation.


Texas Farm Bureau Scholarships:

There are several scholarship opportunities provided by Texas Farm Bureau. Two of the available scholarship programs are for enrolled college students:

  • TFB Young Farmer & Rancher Enrolled College Student Scholarship (3 scholarships available at $2,000 each)
  • TFB S.M. True, Jr. Agricultural Scholar Award Scholarship (1 scholarship available at $20,000)

ZipRecruiter Scholarship:

 ZipRecruiter offers a $3,000 scholarship every quarter (every three months). ZipRecruiter rewards the most creative one-page submission about a student's hometown/college-town.


Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs Award Scholarship:

General Information: The goal of the Zonta International Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Award Program is to encourage young women to participate in public affairs by recognizing a commitment to the volunteer sector, evidence of volunteer leadership achievements and a dedication to empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy.  In order for more women to be represented in key decision making positions worldwide, we must encourage young women to pursue careers or seek leadership positions in public policy making, government and volunteer organizations and further their education with these aims in view.

The Awards: Zonta clubs usually provide awards for club recipients. District/region recipients receive US$1,000. Ten international recipients are selected from the district/region recipients to receive additional awards of $4,000 each. District/region and international awards are funded by the Zonta International Foundation.


For information about Scholarships:

Sonya Olvera
Scholarships, Texas Grants & DARS/WIA
Financial Aid Department
(903) 983-8183
Devall Student Center (DEVAL), 236
Amber Kinsey
Scholarships Specialist
Institutional Advancement
(903) 988-7523
Whitten Applied Tech. Center (WHITN), 110