College Green Payment Plan

Who should I contact if I have questions?

  • For questions regarding your financial aid award, contact the Financial Aid Office at 903-983-8211.
  • For questions regarding your tuition balance or amount due, contact the Cashier’s Office at 903.983.8108 or
  • For questions regarding declined payments contact Financial Payments at 844.743.5229 or

What happens if my card is declined?

  • Your payment will not be processed. The card that is used for making payment must have the same billing information that you entered into our online payment system. This includes the billing zip code. Other reasons for declines include card information on file that differs due to a new expiration date or new security code (CVV).
  • If the declined payment is for a regularly scheduled payment, College Green will attempt to collect the payment again in five (5) business days.

How do I accept the Agreements associated with a payment plan?

You must scroll down to the bottom of the agreements in order to accept them and proceed to the next step. You can download the agreements if you choose to do so by selecting “Download” in the top of the agreement documents. In addition, the agreements will be emailed to you. Agreements can also be viewed by accessing your user profile in the College Green website.

Will I pay interest for participating in a payment plan?

No. It is an interest-free installment loan offered to you by Kilgore College through Herring Bank. The Truth in Lending agreement that you must accept during the enrollment process divides out your $30 enrollment fee and lists it as interest; however, you will NOT be charged interest. The enrollment fee is a one-time fee that is paid when you enter the payment plan.


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