KC Cares: Compliments or Concerns?

Kilgore College welcomes input from the campus community!

Whether you have a compliment for one of our employees or a concern that you would like to submit, the Office of the Vice President of Student Development assists in either addressing these or routing them to the appropriate office. This office also assists students by helping them understand and navigate the formal complaint process, as needed.

Individuals, who are not current students, may use this webpage to submit complaints against the institution. The Vice President of Student Development will review your complaint and either respond to you or forward the complaint to the appropriate person on campus to handle your concerns.

Have a Compliment or Concern? Tell Us!

The KC Cares program is designed for you to tell us about any concerns or compliments about your experience at KC. You can also use it to recognize those individuals or departments that have provided you with excellent customer service.

In compliance with Texas Administrative Code Title 19, Chapter 1, Subchapter E, Sections 1.110-1.120, Student Complaint Procedure, students may request the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board “to review and appropriately act on complaints concerning higher education institutions including enforcing applicable State laws” (U.S. Department of Education promulgated Program Integrity regulations). To file a complaint with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board click here.

Have a Question and Don't Know Whom to Ask? Ask Us!

College can be a confusing time. If you have questions and you don't know whom to ask, ASK US!

If you would prefer to meet personally with the VP of Student Services, call (903) 983-8654 to schedule an appointment.

Comments can be submitted anonymously; however, we often need additional information to fully understand a student concern. Additionally, we cannot follow up with students if we don’t have contact information. Therefore, we encourage anyone using the KCCARES system to submit appropriate contact information.