Thursday, May 1st 2014

Ray Perryman reveals Rangerette impact on billion-dollar industry

Famed economist Dr. Ray Perryman was on the Kilgore College campus April 30 and revealed a study on the economic benefits of the drill team and precision dance industry – originally inspired by the Kilgore College Rangerettes.

The study was an in-kind donation to the Rangerettes’ 75th Anniversary Committee, completed at no charge by Perryman’s well-known economics group in Waco, The Perryman Group.

The total economic benefits of the precision dance/drill team industry inspired by the Rangerettes include an estimated $8.3 billion in total spending and $4.0 billion in output (gross product) each year, as well as more than 50,700 permanent jobs in the United States.

“What are now cornerstones of halftime shows across the country – precision dance and drill teams – owe much to the innovative Rangerettes,” Perryman said.

“Even beyond the entertainment provided by these groups, they also lead to notable gains in business activity. The Perryman Group quantified the economic benefits of the drill team and precision dance industry inspired by the Kilgore College Rangerettes. This report presents findings from TPG’s analysis.”

The report states, “For the Kilgore area, they (Rangerettes) have enhanced the visibility and positively contributed to national and international perceptions of the city. Of far more lasting significance, they have been the incubator for the development of a major industry that has positively influenced countless lives and careers and brought economic benefits to communities throughout the world.”

The economic study reveals numbers for 2013, reflecting public and private elementary and secondary school precision dance teams, as well as public and private college and university and professional sports franchise precision dance teams.

Perryman is a Lindale native who travels internationally as an economic consultant.

He is widely regarded as one of the world’s most influential and innovative economists with his complex modeling systems for corporate and governmental planning around the globe.

The Rangerettes’ first halftime performance was Sept. 15, 1940, under the direction of Miss Gussie Nell Davis.

The press conference was a precursor to the beginning of the Rangerettes’ 75th Anniversary with the selection of the 75th line.

View the report (pdf)