Friday, April 29th 2016

Kilgore High School student wins first place in KC welding contest

The Kilgore College Welding Technology Program and the KC Welding Club hosted a welding contest April 29 that drew 69 students from 18 area school districts.

Tony Rojas of Kilgore High School earned first place, winning a $1,000 scholarship for the KC Welding Technology program and various prizes.

The top three winners of the contest received KC Welding Technology scholarships ranging from $250 to $1,000 and additional welding-related prizes.

Participating school districts were Alba Golden, Athens, Cushing, Eustace, Frankston, Hawkins, Henderson, Jefferson, Kilgore, Livingston, Longview, Marshall, Mount Enterprise, Paris, Rivercrest, Tarkington, Westwood and Woodville.

Sponsors for the event included Texas Eastman Chemical Co., Gas and Supply, ESAB, KC Welding Club, Miller Electric, Hobart, ITW, Lincoln Electric, Harris, D&D Industrial Welding Supply, Matheson Tri-Gas, Saulsbury Industries and Brookshire’s.

Welding Technology at KC is taught by Cody Edwards and Josh Bernethy.  For more information on the KC Welding Technology Program, visit

Contest winners:

  • First place: Tony Rojas, Kilgore High School
  • Second place: Allen Armstrong, Westwood High School
  • Third place: Daniel Sanchez, Longview High school
  • Fourth place: Trent Waldo, Westwood High school
  • Fifth place: Taylor Corley, Henderson high school

List of sponsors/prizes:

  • Texas Eastman Chemical Co. - First place award: $1,000 KC scholarship and various door prizes
  • Gas and Supply, and ESAB - First place award: Multi-process welding machine, complete cutting torch rig and auto-change welding hood
  • KC Welding Club - Second place award: $500 KC scholarship
  • Miller Electric, Hobart & ITW - Second place award: Millermatic welding machine, complete cutting torch rig and auto-change welding hood
  • Gas and Supply - Third place award: $250 scholarship
  • Lincoln Electric - Third place award: 140-amp welding machine
  • Harris - Fourth place award:  Harris torch set
  • D&D Industrial Welding Supply - Fifth place award: Makita angle grinder
  • Matheson Tri-Gas - Lunch and drinks for all contest participants, sponsors and judges (as well as door prizes)
  • Saulsbury Industries - Steel contest materials

Photo, left to right: Keith Spencer of Matheson Tri-Gas; Tony Rojas, Kilgore (first place); Allan Armstrong, Westwood (second place); Daniel Sanchez, Longview (third place); Trent Waldo, Westwood (fourth place); and KC welding instructor Cody Edwards.  Not pictured: Taylor Corley (fifth place) of Henderson.  Photo by Jon Vashey/KC