KC offering two opportunities to study abroad in 2019

The Kilgore College Visual Arts program and the KC Department of Humanities and Social/Behavioral Sciences are offering two opportunities for KC students to gain college credit while studying abroad.

The public is also welcome to join faculty on the trips for an enlightening excursion overseas.

Two classes, Art History II and World Civilization II, are going on separate trips to Europe in the summer of 2019. Both of these courses can count toward the state’s Core Curriculum.

Both trips are open to KC students and the general public who would like to join for the travel portion for non-credit.

Travel time in both programs offers significant flexibility for individual and group exploration outside the planned curriculum.


Scotland, England, Ireland - Spring 2019

The KC Visual Arts program is offering a spring semester “Special Topics in Art History” course combined with a Study Abroad experience to encounter the art and culture across three great countries: Edinburgh, Scotland; London, England; and Dublin, Ireland. The course is designed to introduce students to the fine art prevalent in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.  Special consideration will be given to the relation of the works of art to their cultural, historical, and intellectual contexts. No previous experience in art history is required. The class will meet on four consecutive Mondays until the departure to Scotland. Students will participate in classroom lectures, travel discussions and write a formal analysis/research paper regarding a work of art to be viewed at one of the foreign destinations. Overseas, students will visit historical sites firsthand, seeing the artwork studied up close and personal, and experience the history and culture of each major city via its people, historical landmarks, architecture and food.

The class is a three-hour credit course that will count as a Creative Arts core class for non-majors, or as an Art History credit for Fine Art and Advertising and Graphic Design majors.

Enrollment begins in November. Contact Coy Lothrop for more information at clothrop@kilgore.edu.


England and France - May Mini 2019

The Department of Humanities and Social/Behavioral Sciences is offering a May Mini course in the summer of 2019 combined with a Study Abroad experience. The World Civilization course will cover the social, political, economic, cultural, religious and intellectual history of Europe and the Mediterranean world from the 17th Century to the modern era. The course will seek to explain how the world collectively builds to the global conflicts of the 20th Century – particularly World War I and World War II – and examine the ramifications that have lasted into the present day. While abroad, the program will focus on the buildup to World War II, the war itself and the liberation of Europe by spending time in London, Normandy and Paris. The course will meet for the first week of the May Mini, and the remainder of the May Mini will be spent overseas. Students will engage in discussion and class members are responsible for an analytical paper regarding a major decision made during the war. Overseas, participants will see what global conflict looks like on the ground, standing in the bunkers with Winston Churchill, on the Normandy beaches with the soldiers and liberating Paris with the triumphant allies. Students will also have free time for individual exploration of the museums, food and art that England and France have to offer.  The class is a three-hour credit course that will count as a Language, Philosophy and Culture core class or as an elective.

Enrollment for the trip is underway. Contact Meredith May for more information at mmay@kilgore.edu.