Friday, February 12th 2021

KC returns to normal operations Tuesday, Feb. 23

Kilgore College classes will return to 'normal' on Tuesday, Feb. 23, since building have been reopened for instruction on both campuses.


  • ALL instruction will RETURN TO NORMAL on Tuesday, Feb. 23, with on-campus and face-to-face classes resuming as scheduled.


  • Kilgore campus: The city of Kilgore is under a boil water notice. Please bring bottled water/sodas with you this week as the tap water is not suitable for drinking. You will also want to use hand sanitizer after washing your hands with soap and water.
  • Longview campus: With water shut off at KC-Longview's Hendrix Building, students, faculty¬†and staff in Longview can access restrooms in the cosmetology building or the Longview North building.