Monday, April 1st 2019

Experience Cat® (Caterpillar) Simulator April 3 at KC-Longview

Kilgore College Industrial Maintenance and Diesel Technology programs will offer an opportunity this week for students, instructors and the public to operate a Cat® Simulator (Caterpillar) mobile simulator, allowing the user a “virtual” operation of a Caterpillar Dozer.

The dozer is just one of the 15 machine variants that Cat Simulators offer for training purposes.

It will be available to use from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, April 3, in the Special Events Room at KC-Longview, 209 S. Center St. in Longview.

The Advanced Dozer Simulator System includes exercises that teach control familiarization using OEM parts, how to perform a walkaround inspection, site clearance with trees and boulders, pad building, road construction, ditch building and slope/ramp building.

Integrated Grade Control teaches the user to follow and match a design profile throughout the exercises. The simulator system features a unique three-monitor configuration in the front along with a back monitor.

The motion system creates a total training experience with vibration and movement as the simulated machine interacts with the terrain.

“Training on simulators before operating the real machine is safer and more effective than traditional methods of training. The hands-on aspect of simulators leads to greater knowledge retention; and the virtual environment allows students to make mistakes without harm to themselves, other students or machines,” said Curt Meyer, Cat Simulators Account Manager.

The system also includes VR Edition. Patented VR NOW technology allows the user to experience greater depth perceptions and offers full immersion in the environment and techniques.

The event was developed and is sponsored by the KC Foundation.

For more information on the simulator, visit

Cat Simulators available:

  • Advanced Dozer
  • Underground Load Haul Dump
  • Advanced Construction Excavator
  • Articulated Simulator System
  • Small Wheel Loader
  • M-Series Motor Grader
  • FM Log Loader
  • Electric Rope Shovel
  • Hydraulic Excavator
  • Mining Truck
  • Large Track Type Tractor
  • Track Type Tractor
  • Off-Highway Truck
  • Large Wheel Loader
  • Track Feller Buncher