Monday, July 31st 2017

Concealed carry law now in effect for community colleges

Beginning Aug. 1, 2017, Texas law allows for the concealed carry of handguns on junior and community college campuses by those licensed to carry. 

KC has three areas that permanently prohibit the carrying of handguns: KCPD offices, KC Testing centers, and the Health Science Center.

These three areas have clear signage that indicates they are exclusion zones, meaning that handguns are not permitted in these areas except for peace officers who are properly credentialed.

From time to time, other areas may be deemed temporary exclusion zones, meaning that the area is being used for a purpose where handguns cannot be allowed. During these events temporary signs will be posted.

Remember that open carry is not allowed anywhere on college campuses.

Also, KC lockers, desks, etc. may not be used to store weapons by students, visitors or employees. 

For any any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact KCPD

View the KC policy regarding campus concealed carry and photos of what the signage looks like.