The Kilgore College Twirlers are one of the great prides at KC with their precision routines, dedication to perfection and crowd-pleasing performances.  They perform at all home football games, local events and pep rallies. The KCTs are under the direction of Jordan Jenkins.  For more information on the KC Twirlers or how to become a KC Twirler, call Jordan Jenkins at (903) 658-2286 or e-mail her.

KC Twirlers 2022-23:

  • Gracie Shellhorse (feature twirler)
  • Laney Hearon (feature twirler)
  • Madilyn Clayton
  • Emily Nix
  • Sydney Knight
  • Maggie Kroesche
  • Lilian Maddox
  • Macy Maxwell

KC Twirler and Feature Twirler auditions will be held on Saturday, May 13, 2023.

More Info and Registration Form for twirler & feature twirler tryouts

Please contact Jordan Jenkins for more information:

Jordan Jenkins
Kilgore College Twirling Director
(903) 658-2286


In the past, KC Twirlers have received  a $400 scholarship from the KC Band for the fall semester.  Additional scholarships are traditionally given to members of the KC Twirling line from the Once…Always Alumni organization for the spring semester.

The amount of the scholarships given by the alumni organization has been around $400 the past few years.  The amount given in scholarships depends on the profits available from the twirling clinic in March, Tops in Twirling Camp in June and any other fund raisers held earlier in the year.


All freshmen are eligible for the fall scholarship.  After a student has completed a full semester of college, a GPA of 2.5 must be maintained in order to remain eligible for the scholarship the following semester.  Returning sophomores must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher to be eligible for the scholarship awarded by the band during fall semester.  Students must also be enrolled for 12 or more hours to be eligible for the scholarship.  Scholarships are very difficult to promise ahead of time.  Many factors can change once the tryout packet is published.  Every effort to assist twirlers will be made by the Ranger Band and Once…Always Alumni Association.

Scholarships Available:

  • The Vicki Bowden Mobbs Scholarship is usually given to the drum major.  This scholarship is named in memory of Vicki Bowden Mobbs, drum major for the Kilgore College Ranger Band during the years 1978-1980.  In addition to being drum major at KC for two years, she was a Ranger Beauty, Homecoming Queen, vice president of the Student Affairs Congress, Who's Who at Kilgore College, was a member of Phi Theta Kappa and was chosen by the faculty as the Most Representative Female Student. After leaving Kilgore College, she graduated cum laude from Stephen F. Austin State University with a bachelor's degree. She will always be a member of the Once...Always Kilgore College Twirlers Alumni organization and hold a special place in all of our hearts. Vicki worked with many majorette lines throughout East Texas. She died in August 1999 after a lengthy illness. Anyone who has been a part of Kilgore College Ranger Band and Twirlers knows that Vicki left a very powerful mark on all of us.
  • The Paige Christian Keitt Scholarship is given each semester to a sophomore twirler who has a passion for twirling and is an example to others.   This scholarship is made possible by the Once…Always KC Twirler Alumni Organization.
  • The Chelsea Kirkland Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of a KC Twirler who died Oct. 25, 2011, as a result of a car accident. Chelsea Kirkland, from Tatum, was the head KC Twirler and a member of the Ranger Band.  The Twirling Alumni Association has made a commitment to make sure the scholarship is endowed and given each year to a twirler in memory of Kirkland. To make a donation to this scholarship, send checks to: Once…Always Kilgore College Twirling; Kilgore College; 1100 Broadway’ Kilgore, TX; 75662-3299. Make checks payable to Kilgore College and the memo line should read “Chelsea Kirkland Scholarship.”
Summer Tops in Twirling Camp

Tops in Twirling is set for June 21-24, 2023.

The camp is for grades 6-12.


Vickie Bowden Mobbs Line Classic

The Vicki Bowden Mobbs Line Classic is a competition for majorette and flag lines for both the junior high and high school levels. The format celebrates twirling and camaraderie among fellow performers and esprit de corps.

We look forward to your participation in one of the few competitions designed strictly for school lines.

More information coming soon for the 2021 VBM.


Jordan Jenkins
Director of Twirling
(903) 658-2286