Dual Credit for High School Students

Get a head start on your college education.

About the program:

We are delighted that you are interested in getting a head start on your college education by participating in the Kilgore College Dual Credit program. Dual Credit students regularly make up 15-20% of Kilgore College students.

What is Dual Credit?

Dual Credit is a process by which a high school student enrolls in a college course and receives simultaneous academic credit for the course from both the college and the high school. The Kilgore College Dual Credit program provides an opportunity for academically strong high school students to enroll in college-level courses that fulfill high school graduation requirements or courses that meet other academic/workforce training needs. Students may also choose to take courses beyond high school requirements if the courses fit their instructional needs.

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Dual Credit

How Dual Credit Works

Students begin by visiting with their high school counselor to determine if Dual Credit courses are possible and to determine if the student is eligible. Students must show college readiness through standardized test results. High school counselors are familiar with eligibility requirements and appropriate scores for Dual Credit admission. Students must meet all admission requirements and the prerequisites for each course that is taken. High school counselors help students with testing, admission applications, submission of transcripts, and the Kilgore College Dual Credit Registration form.

Subjects Available

Kilgore College offers a wide selection of courses to Dual Credit students at many locations and in a number of formats. Students must consult with the high school counselor about which subjects are available and most appropriate, but the most common subjects have been English, Government, and History.

Other selections may include courses in Fine Arts, Speech, Economics, Math, Sciences and Workforce Training areas. Dual credit students may not enroll in remedial courses at KC.

Area superintendents and counselors work with the Coordinator of Dual Credit to develop all Dual Credit offerings on high school campuses.

State Funding Limitations of Dual Credit

KC will not enroll high school students in courses that are not eligible for state funding. The State of Texas will only fund dual credit courses that are:

  • Core Curriculum
  • Career/Technical/Workforce Courses, plus:
  • ACCT (Accounting)
  • BCIS (Business Computer Information Systems)
  • BUSI (Business)
  • COSC (Computer Science)
  • CRIJ (Criminal Justice)
  • ENGR (Engineering)
  • Foreign Language
  • Courses such as kinesiology (PE), dance lessons, music lessons, and music ensembles are unfunded courses and may not be taken.
Public School Districts Served by KC

The schools that make up the Kilgore College taxing district are:

  • Kilgore
  • Sabine
  • Gladewater
  • White Oak
  • Leverett’s Chapel
  • West Rusk
  • Overton

The other schools in the Kilgore College service area are:

  • Longview
  • Pine Tree
  • Spring Hill
  • New Diana
  • Gilmer
  • Union Grove
  • Big Sandy
  • Hallsville
  • Tatum
  • Henderson
  • Laneville
  • Carlisle
  • Mt. Enterprise
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For information about Dual Credit:

Brandon Walker
Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences
Dual Credit Coordinator
(903) 988-7509
Canterbury Engr. Science Bldg. (CANTR), 223
Brian Kasper
Workforce Education Dual Credit Coordinator
Public Services and Industrial Technologies
(903) 983-8192
Communications & Automotive Bldg. (COMMA), 114