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To register for photography classes call (903) 236-2054 or email

Photography Basics

18 hours, 6 weeks, $90

Instruction in camera functions, types of lenses, choosing recording media and filters, flash photography, printing, exposure, production, print finishing, and retouching. Supplies will be discussed at the first class.

PHTC 1004
Tuesdays, 6 to 9 p.m.
Feb. 2 to March 9, 2021
Location: KC-Longview

Photography Intermediate

18 hours, 6 weeks, $90

Continuation of Photography Basics. Manually set and adjust a camera for photographing in any lighting situation; proper use electronic flash; explain the technical and aesthetic aspects of commercial photography using a variety of subjects; and present work for critical review.

PHTC 2004
Tuesdays, 6 to 8:50 p.m.
March 23 to April 27, 2021
Location: KC-Longview

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