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The Kilgore College Music Academy prepares students in the art of music. Private instruction in piano is offered for students aged 5-18 years old. The purpose is to provide outstanding training to those interested in improving musical skill, whether for personal enrichment or for those who will select music as their profession.

Emphasis is on proper technique of the applied instrument along with the artistry required for performance. Contact Jonathan Kaan at 903-983-7519 or jkaan@kilgore.edu.

Renee’ Golden (903-983-8146; rgolden@kilgore.edu for information.


  • Register through KC Workforce Development & Community Education. You can register by phone, mail, or in-person.


  • Lessons are taught on the Kilgore Campus in the Turk Fine Arts (TURK) building.

Lesson Information:

  • Private, one-on-one lessons (piano, voice) are either 30 minutes for beginning and intermediate students or 60 minutes for advanced students. To take 60-minute lessons, students must have previous private lesson experience and instructor approval.
  • Private lessons are scheduled as students are registered; some instructors have limited availability.
  • Students will have a recital opportunity each semester and may also participate in local area festivals (when available).
  • Lessons are limited according to age due to the physical development required for the instrument and/or the intensity of the course material.
  • Private lessons are scheduled individually with the teacher. Once registered, the teacher will contact the student regarding a lesson time. Once a mutually agreed time is selected, no changes may be made. Lessons missed by the student will not be refunded or rescheduled.
  • Students over 18 may take college-level applied music lessons for credit, either for music majors or for non-majors (avocational), but need to complete the Kilgore College application process to enroll.

Class Dates and Fees:

Section 1: Jan. 14 to May 10, 2019:

(16 weeks, excluding Spring Break)

Private Lessons (piano):

  • 30-Minute Lessons.............$450
  • 60-Minutes Lessons...........$800

Section 2: Jan. 14 to March 8 (8 weeks)

Private Lessons (piano):

  • 30-Minute Lessons.............$230
  • 60-Minutes Lessons...........$430

Section 3: March 18 to May 10 (8 weeks)

Private Lessons (piano):

  • 30-Minute Lessons.............$230
  • 60-Minutes Lessons...........$430


Piano: Jonathan Kaan, Lydia Lim


Piano (ages 5-18):

Weekly 30- or 60-minute private piano lessons. Beginner level emphasizes note reading, finger technique, keyboard theory, and basic music interpretation. Intermediate/advanced lessons include ear-training and more advanced technique/repertoire.

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