About Physics at KC:

Physics courses at Kilgore College are designed for every level of academic success, whether supporting program certification or completing the laboratory science requirements for four-year transfer degrees.  KC's physics courses meet ACGM guidelines and are accepted at all Texas public universities.

Types of courses:

All Kilgore College physics courses are offered as pure online, eight-week courses AND hybrid format (part online, part face-to-face/video classes).  These courses meet ALL students’ needs for content, flexible scheduling and instructor-student interaction.

Dual Credit Physics courses:

Dual credit courses for high school students include PHYS1401 in the fall and PHYS1402 in the spring.  These two courses will still be offered as 16-week online courses.  These courses are ONLY for high school students who have completed Algebra II and/or Pre-Calculus.

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Course information:

For information about Physics:

Dr. Joseph Kirchhoff
Instructor, Physics
Department of Math, Engineering & Physics
(903) 983-8646
Canterbury Engr. Science Bldg. (CANTR), 335
David Rangel
Department Chair, Instructor of Mathematics
Math, Engineering & Physics
(903) 988-7437
Canterbury Engr. Science Bldg. (CANTR), 223
Jennifer Rich
Assistant Dept. Chair and Instructor, Mathematics
Mathematics, Engineering & Physics Department
(903) 983-8247
Canterbury Engr. Science Bldg. (CANTR), 307