Music - Piano Studies

Department of Music and Dance

About the program:

Piano studies at Kilgore College offers students a variety of solo and collaborative performance opportunities with our piano duo recitals, jazz band concerts, along with general student recitals and performance classes. 

KC's experienced piano faculty strives to provide interested students with exceptional and creative instruction, allowing them to develop well-defined leadership and performance skills at KC that prepare them to continue their education at a four-year college or university. 

The Music and Dance Department’s new KC Music Academy offers private piano and guitar instruction for children and youth ages 7-18 years old in Kilgore and the surrounding area.

The department also hosts community piano events, such as the Baroque and Classical Piano Festival, to promote lifelong learning and the appreciation of music.


Auditions are available for schoarships to study piano.  To apply, click below.

PIANO audition scholarships application

Piano Faculty:

Jonathan Kaan
Instructor, Piano

Dr. Mary Heiden
Chair, Music and Dance Department

Lydia Lim
Adjunct Instructor, Piano

Private & group piano lessons offered by the KC Music Academy:

The Kilgore College Music Academy offers group and private piano lessons for ages 7-18. The academy prepares students in the art of music where students will learn piano and other musical concepts in an interactive group environment. Learn more

Course information:

Piano Festival Information:

Baroque and Classical Piano Festival 2020

Unfortunately, the 2020 Baroque and Classical Piano Festival has been canceled on April 4 due to precautionary reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The KC Baroque and Classical Piano Festival is held annually to offer area piano students an opportunity for formal adjudication of an original composition by a Baroque and Classical composer.

For information about Music - Piano:

Dalton Heinsohn
Music Recruiter
Department of Music & Dance
(903) 918-1513
KC Band Hall