Associate Degree. Transfer. Certificate.

About the program:

The business department offers a 30-Hour Certificate, a 37-Hour Certificate and an Associate's of Applied Science degree in Accounting.

These programs are designed for students who feel that they will not have the opportunity to pursue a traditional bachelor's degree at a university. These programs emphasize technical training in the field of accounting. Some of the coursework in these programs is not intended for transfer to a four year school.

However, several schools offer Bachelor of Applied Arts & Science degrees. These degrees allow the occupational student to continue toward a four-year degree.

Program information:

For information about Business - Accounting:

Richard Dugger
Instructor, Accounting and Business
(903) 983-8140
Porter Business Admin. Bldg. (PORTR), 202
Stacie Smith
Instructor, Accounting & Business
(903) 983-8290
Porter Business Admin. Bldg. (PORTR), 103-D