Strategic Plan

KC Strategic Plan 2016-19, Extended to 2021

In a strategic framework for institutional planning and success, our priorities help us to outline a plan for moving forward.  For each priority that we establish,

we set goals that will enable us to accomplish that priority.  In order to insure that we can realistically accomplish our goals, we break them down into sub-goals or outcomes.  Our outcomes are our action plan or the “how” for accomplishing each goal.  Our outcomes are written using the SMART method.  Kilgore College’s (KC’s) outcomes are Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Based.

Our outcomes, priorities, and goals build upon one another to create the appropriate steps to accomplish our Mission and Vision and live our values.  They result in what is commonly known as a Strategic Plan.

Every aspect of Kilgore College’s Strategic Plan is firmly grounded in and may be tied back to our overarching priority of promoting and achieving student success.  The 2016-19 Strategic Plan reflects the voices of our KC Board of Trustees, Faculty, Staff, Students and the Communities we serve.

View the Strategic Plan for 2016-19, Extended to 2021 (pdf)