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Sociology/Social Work
Associate Degree/ Transfer

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Kilgore College offers general education requirements in anthropology,
psychology, philosophy, sociology and social work courses necessary
to apply to a university
offering bachelor programs in behavioral sciences.

Overview of Sociology

Sociology is included in the Department of Humanities and Social/Behavioral Sciences. Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior. It shows how people interact with each other, how groups behave, and how we become who we are. The goal of this department is to provide students with introductory courses that are fully transferable and represent excellent core or elective choices for the Behavioral and Social Sciences major.

Social Work Course

The class is intended to introduce the student to the field of Social Work and to the world of helping others, including those entering the health care professions. All faculty in this program are licensed Social Workers, prepared with masters degrees, and have many years of Social Work experience.

Philosophy Courses

The introdoction to Philosophy is a course that is a a general introduction to critical and reflective thinking as applied to the basic problems of existence and the meaning of human life. Other Philosophy courses include Introduction to World Religions and Philosophy of Religion. more


» Contact Information

Tina Rushing
Phone: (903)983-8227
Location: Student Support (SS)

Donny Seals
Chair, Department of Humanities and Social/Behavioral Sciences
B.A. in History, East Texas Baptist University
M.A. in History, Baylor University
Phone: (903) 983-8264
Office: OM 103


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