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Registrar's Office

  General Information

Welcome to the Registrar's Office Web Page
The following sections will answer most of your questions, but please feel free to contact us if you have questions or need additional information.

Requesting a KC Transcript
Transcripts being sent directly to another college for educational purposes may be requested using the on-line transcript request form.

All other transcript requests (in-person, by mail or fax) require the student's signature and verification of identification.

Requests must include the following information:

• Current name and former name
• Social security number
• Date of birth
• Dates of attendance
• Daytime telephone number
• Where the transcript should be sent
• Signature
•Copy of photo ID with signature for identity verification purposes

There is no fee for transcripts.

Mail/fax requests to:
Kilgore College Registrar's Office
1100 Broadway
Kilgore, TX. 75662
Fax: (903) 983-8607

High School/College Transcripts
It is recommended that transcripts be on file before registration to document test scores, exemptions from state-mandated testing, or completion of course prerequisites.

All required transcripts must be received before next registration period or future enrollment and access to your KC transcript will be blocked.

Transcripts should be sent from institution to institution.

Hand carried transcripts may be considered for acceptance if all these conditions are met:

1. Transcript is in a sealed high school/college letterhead envelope.
2. Transcript is complete and no older that six months.


Registration and Payment
KC offers both web and on-campus registration and students are encouraged to register early to assure the largest selection of courses and times.

Students eligible to web register may use Campus Connect to register, pay, make schedule changes, or withdraw from school - see each semester's class schedule for cut off date and time.

Registration for classes is necessary for every semester of attendance at KC - see each semester's class schedule for registration dates, instructions, and payment deadlines.

Prior to initial registration, the student must meet the appropriate admissions requirements as listed in the college catalog.

State-mandated testing is required prior to registration for all students unless documentation of exemption from the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is on file (see class schedule or catalog for TSI exemptions).

Even if TSI exempt, placement testing may be required to meet course/program prerequisites.

Registration is not complete until the student receives a validated receipt for the Cashier's Office or from the web pay system in Campus Connect.

Students registering on campus may use Campus Connect to pay even if ineligible to
register on line.

Failure to meet payment deadlines will result in classes being dropped.


Adding Courses/Changing Schedules
Any registered student may add a course or make other schedule changes:
• during published registration periods
• during the first two days of classes in a long semester
• during the first day of a summer term

Students eligible to web register may add and make changes on line until the end of registration - see class schedule for date and time.

Payment for added classes or any additional fees is due at the time the schedule is changed.


Dropping a Course or Withdrawing from School
Students wishing to drop a class or withdraw from school before the 1st class day may do so in the Registrar's Office or at KC-Longview until close of business on last business day before 1st class day.

Students eligible to register through Campus Connect may also drop or withdraw on line before the 1st class day.

Students wishing to drop a class or withdraw from school from the 1st through the 12th class day of fall/spring or through the 4th class day of summer (see drop dates for flex classes in each semester's schedule) may do so in the Registrar's Office or at KC-Longview.

Class days are counted from the official first class day of a semester as stated in the college calendar and schedules regardless of when a student's class first meets.

After the 12th and 4th class days as noted above, students wishing to withdraw from school must visit the Counseling Center or the KC-Longview main office, if attending there.

After the 12th and 4th class days as noted above, students wishing to drop an individual class must follow a two-step procedure:

Step 1. See their instructor to obtain a drop referral
Step 2. Take the drop referral to the Registrar's office or to the KC-Longview main office, if attending there.

Drop/withdrawal deadlines are published in the class schedule each semester.

While instructors may drop students for absences, it is the student's ultimate responsibility to drop classes or withdraw from school. Students who fail to officially drop/withdraw may receive a grade of "F" for the semester and may have to re-pay financial aid.


Grades must be viewed on-line through Campus Connect and are not mailed.

Degrees/certificates are not awarded automatically. Student must submit a graduation application to the Registrar’s Office by the following deadlines:

Fall Semester (December) Graduate October 1
Spring Semester (May) Graduate March 1
Summer I Semester (July) Graduate June 15*
Summer II Semester (August) Graduate July 15*

• Because there is no Summer graduation ceremony, Summer graduates may participate in the spring ceremony by meeting the spring application deadline. Summer graduates may also participate in the fall ceremony immediately following completion of their graduation requirements. See Graduation FAQs for more information.


Importance of Submitting Correct Data
Students are required to provide the college with accurate personal information and to update that information when it changes. The college assumes no responsibility for students' credits when students use different names or variations of names during registration. Students requiring change of name, social security number, or address may visit the Registrar's Office on the 2nd floor of the Devall Student Center or KC-Longview to complete the necessary paperwork (additional documentation may be required).

» Contact Information

Office of the Registrar's
1100 Broadway
Kilgore, TX 75662
Phone: (903) 983-8606
Fax: (903) 983-8607

On campus location:
Devall Student Center, 2nd floor

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday, 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.*
Friday, 7:45 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. *

• All KC offices close at 3:00 p.m. on the last business day before major holidays/breaks.

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Kilgore Campus: 1100 Broadway, (903) 984-8531 KC–Longview Campus: 300 S. High, (903) 753-2642
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