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New Student Orientation

Welcome to 2014
New Student

Orientation News & Events

Who should come to Orientation?
Why come to Orientation?

How do I get my student ID number if I haven't received an acceptance letter?
When is Orientation?
What about Online Orientation?
How to sign up for Orientation?
How much will it cost to attend Orientation?
What about family members?
What else do you need to know about Orientation?
Testing Available for Orientation!


How do you register for Orientation?

Or click this link

Or click this link

If you need additional information: (903) 988-7537 or (903) 988-7491

Orientation at Kilgore College is a time for new students and their families to become better acquainted with the college, its campuses and communities. There is time to meet college faculty and staff, as well as other students. Orientation staff and student leaders spend time with you and make every effort to make you feel welcome and ready to begin your college career.

Who should come to Orientation?

Orientation is required for all first time college students in order to register for classes. This applies to all students who have not earned college credits prior to the Fall 2011 session.


1.  Must be a high school graduate with a final transcript at registrar’s office
2.  Must have the meningitis shot record on file at the registrar’s office
3.  Must have Accuplacer or THEA test scores on file in the registrar’s office

I have applied but don't have a student ID yet. What do I do?

If you have applied to Kilgore College, but have not received an acceptance letter in the mail with your Student ID number, visit Campus Connect and get your ID number there. Follow the instructions on the left-hand side of Campus Connect. Once you receive your Student ID, visit this page again and register for either On-Campus Orientation or Online Orientation.

Why come to Orientation?

Because you will:

  • Meet other students
  • Find out about campus life and activities
  • Meet with an advisor
  • Register early for Fall semester
  • Be ready to be a college student
  • Get a chance to win door prizes and scholarships
  • And have fun while you do it!

When can you come to Orientation and what is the schedule?

On campus orientations are regularly scheduled throughout the year.

  1. Check in time is 7:30 a.m., in the Devall Student Center Ballroom. It should conclude around 3 p.m.
  2. Students can attend before high school graduation as long as you bring a copy of your transcript that includes test scores and mail the final transcript after graduation.
  3. Will need your Accuplacer or THEA test scores
  4. Must have your Meningitis shot records on file at the Registrar’s Office, or bring a copy with you on Orientation day.

What about Online Orientation?

Anyone who is interested in finding out the Kilgore College information that we give at New Student Orientation is welcome to go through the online version. If you are REQUIRED to attend New Student Orientation in order to early register, you can complete the required New student Orientation online with approval from the Student Success office. You will find the instructions in the early pages of the online session.

How much will it cost to attend Orientation?

  • Fee for May orientations: $30
  • Fee for June-July orientations: $40
  • Fee for August orientations: $50

(Fee includes 1 meal, t-shirt, and materials)

Payment can be made prior to orientation by check, money order, or credit card through the Cashier's Office or at check-in.

The Cashier's Office is in the Devall Student Center. Its number is (903) 983-8108.

Everyone must register for orientation online through this Web site.

What about family members?

Please feel free to bring your parents or adult family members. Cost is $6 per family member for a meal and materials.

What else do you need to know about Orientation?

Unless you are TASP/THEA exempt, TASP/THEA or alternative test scores must be received at Kilgore College before a student can be advised or registered for classes. If you are exempt because of TAAS/TAKS scores, you should check with our counseling office at 903-983-8206 or the Student Success Office At 903-988-7537. You will need other scores to be eligible to enroll in certain college level math courses. There are plenty of testing dates scheduled so that students who are coming to Orientation can take their test ahead of time.

Testing available for Orientation!

The Kilgore College Testing Office offers placement testing regularly and often. Please see contact information by selecting Testing Department on the drop-down menu on the home page or call (903) 983-8215 or (903) 983-8690 for specific testing procedures and dates. Or click here for more information.

» Contact Information

Kasey Nisbett
Student Success Learning Specialist
Phone: (903) 988-7491
Location: Student Support (SS)


Gail Jackson
Administrative Assistant, Student Support
Phone: (903) 988-7537
Location: Student Support (SS)


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