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Online Fire Officer II Syllabus


Kilgore College Fire Academy


Fire Officer II Course

On-Line Presentation



It is our pleasure to welcome you to our on-line Fire Officer II training course. It is our goal to successfully prepare you to master all objectives as required by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection, Texas Education Agency, and all other regulatory agencies in order to prepare you to obtain your goal to become Fire Officer II certified.

Required Textbooks:
Each student is required to provide their own textbooks for reference and assignments. In order to comply with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection curriculum the following textbook is required for this course:

IFSTA, Fire Department Company Officer, third edition

Required Reading:
The student is required to read and become familiar with the entire textbook in order to complete the course requirements.
As the student prepares to begin a new section, that entire section shall be read in full prior to the student attempting to complete any portion of the chapter assignments.

Instruction On-Line Portion
The initial portion of training will consist of the on-line portion.

The on-line portion will cover seven (7) lessons. Each lesson will have a power point presentation. These seven lessons will specifically address the objectives as outlined by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection Fire Officer II Curriculum.

There are also twenty-two (22) chapter practice tests, which correlate with the chapters in the required textbook. Each student shall take these practice tests to evaluate their comprehension of the subject matter. These practice tests are for the students benefit only. They are not graded nor do their results count against the student in any manner.

Each student is allotted four weeks to complete the on-line portion of the course. As mentioned above, there are seven lessons in this course.

WARNING: Do NOT get behind! If the student begins the program at a slower pace and the end date approaches, the material will not be studied and absorbed in a manner most beneficial to the student as the student accelerates to meet me deadline.

After the student has read the upcoming chapter and has concluded viewing the power point presentation, the practice test should be conducted to gauge the comprehension of the power point presentation.

On-Line Assessment Tests
Periodically through the course there will be on-line assessment section tests. The student will take these tests where listed and shall not proceed to the next chapter until the on-line assessment section test is completed for that section.

The on-line assessment tests are located as follows:

  • Section 1: (covers Chapters 1 - 11)
  • Section 2: (covers Chapters 12 - 22)

These individual tests will be graded and recorded. The grades of these on-line assessment section tests will make up a portion of your overall grade for the course. Minimum passing average score of 70% is required.

Final Test
At the conclusion of Lesson 11, a Final Test will be administered on-line. This will be a comprehensive test covering all materials presented during the entire program including both on-line and hands on training. This test will be graded, recorded, and will make up a portion of your overall grade for this course. A minimum passing score of 70% is required.

1. Final Test

Overall Grading
The students overall grade will be comprised of the following:

Section Test 1 25%

Section Test 2 25%

Final Test 50%

These grades will be averaged and a 70% overall grade is required to successfully complete the course. Student dishonesty will NOT be allowed or tolerated. All work completed during this course must be completed by the student signed up for the course. Any acts of dishonesty and/or cheating will be addressed and the student may be dismissed from the course immediately.

The primary instructor for this program is Mr. Ronnie Gothard. Mr. Gothard has been involved with the Fire Service essentially his entire life and holds Master Certifications from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection in Suppression, Inspector, Investigator, and Instructor. During his career he has served as Fire Chief /Fire Marshal for two Texas cities, instructed the Associate Degree program for Kilgore College, was employed by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection as the Ft. Worth area Compliance Officer and has been a fire service instructor his entire career.

During your on-line portion of training, Mr. Gothard will be available to answer your questions, or assist you with any difficulties, which you may encounter. Mr. Gothard may be contacted at the following e-mail address:

After your completion of the on-line portion, you will complete all skills associated with this course and in which you will demonstrate mastery of the skills and objectives covered in the on-line portion of this course. Mr. Gothard is also our Skills Session Instructor and will evaluate and assign a grade to your skills that you send to us after completion or will work with you when you come to our facility for the one-day skill session.

If you have a problem with the course content please contact Mr. Gothard at the e-mail address above and he will respond to your questions as quickly as possible.

If you have a question or problem concerning the course registration, please contact Ms. Rhonda Paul at the Kilgore College Fire Academy at 903 983-8177 or e-mail address:

Skills Session
All skills required for this course are allowed to be conducted, recorded, printed, or otherwise captured on film or paper and sent to our address at 1100 Broadway, Kilgore, Texas for evaluation and grading. If the student would prefer they may attend the one-day skill session scheduled each month at our facility at the Kilgore College Fire Academy, Kilgore, Texas.

State Examination
It will be the responsibility of the student to complete the testing requirements with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

At the conclusion of the Kilgore College Fire Academy Fire Officer II course, each student will have an opportunity to evaluate the entire program. At the Kilgore College Fire Academy each student will have an opportunity, utilizing Kilgore College Course Evaluation forms, to evaluate this entire program, including course content, instructors, materials, etc.

This evaluation process is very important to us in order for us to maintain the quality of program that we strive to provide.

On-Line Computer Access
To access the course please follow the following instructions. Our WebCT program is a very advanced elearning program, which contains many capabilities that will make your progress through the course more enjoyable.

1. Sign In: The student shall go to:

This will take the student to the sign in page and this will display:

WebCT Logo

Create My WebCT

Log in to My WebCT

Need help deciding what to do?
See Courses on this server.

2. When this displays, the student shall click on the “ Log in to My WebCT”

The student should now have a page displayed that looks like this:

WebCT Logo

Web CT ID:____________

Password: _____________

Your WebCT ID and password are initially set to the first four letters of your last name in all caps + the first four letters of your first name in all caps + the 2-digit day you were born.  In other words, Jane Doe who was born on July 4th would have a WebCT ID and password of :  DOEJANE04  Once you get logged in, please be sure to change your password! If you need further help, please contact our Distance Learning Help Desk: or
(903) 988-3704.

3. When this page displays, the student shall enter their assigned User Name in the slot titled: “WebCT ID” and enter your password in the slot titled: “Password

NOTE: Your User Name and Password are Case Sensitive, so be careful!

After you get signed in, you should view a page that looks like:

Fire Officer II   (FIRE13)
  Instructor: Ronnie Gothard
  My Role: Student

  News: There are quizzes available

4. Click on the “Fire Officer II” (or which ever course you are wishing to work on, if you are signed up in another course)

You should now view a page like this:

 Course Content and Related Material

Course Content and Related Material

 Fire Officer II Course

Fire Officer II Course

 Communication Tools

Communication Tools

 Evaluation Tools

Evaluation Tools

These are the various icons that will take you to the various difference Lessons that make up the entire Fire Officer II Course.

5. The primary icon that you will utilize to access the Fire Officer II program is the one titled: “Fire Officer II Course”. Upon clicking this icon the following icon/icons will appear:

Once Chapters 1-11 have been read Section Test 1 is to be completed.







Once Chapters 12-22 have been read Section Test 2 is to be completed.






Final Assessment Test is due after Section 2 Test is completed.




 Practice Tests

Practice Tests

 Required Skills

Required Skills

 Section Tests and Final Assessment Test

Section Tests and Final
Assessment Test

Click on the “Presentations” icon and the following will appear:

Presentation Section 921

Section 921

 Presentation Section 922

Section 922

 Presentation 923

Presentation Section 923

 Presentation Section 924

Section 924

 Presentation Section 925

Section 925

 Presentation Section 926

Section 926

 Presentation 927

Presentation Section 927


Your screen will display seven of these icons, each with a different Section number. As you progress through the course, you will simply click on the appropriate icon that will take you to the material you are currently working.

Clicking on any one of these icons will display the power point presentation for that Section:

Clicking on the Self-Test icon will bring a practice test to your screen. All questions in that particular sections practice test will be displayed at the same time. However, as the student reads a question and makes his/her answer selection, on the right hand side of the screen is a area titled “Feedback” and it will display either “Correct” or “Incorrect”.

ON-LINE ASSESSMENT TESTS: At the conclusion of certain sections there will appear an additional icon, which will present an on-line assessment test. This course has three individual section tests that must be completed as explained earlier in the syllabus.
This icon will appear as:

A quiz or survey that is available Section 1 Fire Officer II

Availability:  August 7, 2006 10:15pm - Unlimited

Duration:  Unlimited    Grade:  --- / 100

Attempts:  0 completed, 1 remaining   

A quiz or survey that is available Section 2 Fire Officer II

Availability:  August 7, 2006 10:15pm - Unlimited

Duration:  Unlimited    Grade:  --- / 100.04

Attempts:  0 completed, 1 remaining   

Fire Officer II Final Assessment Test

Availability:  August 7, 2006 10:15pm - Unlimited

Duration:  Unlimited    Grade:  --- / 100

Attempts:  0 completed, 1 remaining   

These tests are taken on-line, recorded, graded, and make up a portion of your overall grade. When you click on this icon a page will display showing all of the on-line assessment tests. The student will locate and click on the appropriate one that they are prepared for at the time.

Tests involved in the on-line assessment tests will display the test one question at a time. When the student clicks on an answer selection, you should click the “Save Answer” button. On the right side of the screen an answer response sheet is displayed which shows the number of questions in the test. A blue check mark will appear when you have clicked on the “Save Answer” button.

After clicking the “Save Answer” button, when you are ready to proceed, click on the “Next Question” button and the next question will appear.

If for whatever reason it is necessary to log off before you have completed the entire test. When you return to that on-line assessment test, it will return you to the point that you left.

If however, at any point in time you click the “Submit” button. A window will popup advising that you have failed to answer certain questions, or if all questions are answered it will ask if you are certain that you wish to submit. If you indicate that you are sure, it will record your responses, grade your test and you do not get a chance to change your answers or to take the test over. If you feel that something occurred and you are entitled to a retest, you should email Instructor Gothard at explaining the situation and he will make that decision.

So, what are all these other icons? Let’s take a look.
What is this icon?

Communication Tools

Communication Tools

If we click on it, it displays:

Communication Tools








If we click on these individually, you will discover:

Mail: How to send mail to other students or instructors

Discussions: How to make an entry on the Discussion board for any questions or comments you may have. Or, perhaps while you are involved with the on-line portion, contact is made with the individuals you will be attending Hands on Skills Session and your friendships can begin prior to the hands on portion.

Chat: Actual real time conversations can occur between students, instructors, or even students from other classes.

Each student will be able to utilize these various functions to make their participation in our program more effective and enjoyable.

We suggest that each student spend some time with these options and see what can assist in your course work.

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Actually after you move around on the site a few times, it will not appear to be near as complicated. You may find that some of the icons will not be used as much or possibly even at all, but there are some services there available if it will assist the student in any manner.

Hopefully this has addressed some of the points of concern that you may have had regarding this course and how it will be administered. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Gothard or Ms. Paul at the above listed phone numbers or email addresses.


» Contact Information

Rhonda Paul
Kilgore College Online Fire Academy
Phone: (903) 983-8177-voice mail
Fax: (903) 983-8660

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