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Texas Success Initiative (TSI) and Placement

The THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment) is a state test that covers reading, writing, and mathematics skills (this was previously call the TASP test). If a student has not taken THEA, they will be given Accuplacer, which is an alternate test. If a student fails one or more sections of either test, they will be required to developmental coursework in the area of deficiency. Students will be given an individualized "success plan" showing which courses need to be completed. In mathematics, once a student is initially placed in the developmental sequence, they work their way through the sequence. After completion of the developmental sequence, students can continue into college level mathematics.

The Kilgore College Mathematics Department uses a variety of test scores to verify student placement. In addition to THEA or Accuplacer, the department also uses ACT, SAT, or a additional tests required by the department for placement. Contact the Testing Office, (903) 983-8215 for further information or to set up and appointment. See individual course listings for placement information.

Summer Bridge Program

The mathematics department offers a three-week Summer Bridge Program designed for students who need a refresher of mathematics skills to prepare for college-level mathematics.  Please contact the department chair for more details.


The Mathematics Department offers several courses in sequence to satisfy particular degree plans. See the individual course listings for more information.

1. Calculus and Differential Equations.
The calculus sequence has three 4-hour courses (MATH 2413,MATH 2414, and MATH 2415). Differential equations is a 3-hour course that is only offered in the summer. These courses are for mathematics, engineering, and physics majors who will take the entire sequence, as well as other science majors such as chemistry, biological sciences such as pre-med., pre-dent, etc. who will take Calculus I and maybe Calculus II.

2. Pre calculus.
These courses are College Algebra (MATH 1314), Trigonometry (MATH 1316), and Pre calculus (MATH 2412) and are designed to prepare students for the study of calculus. MATH 1314 and MATH 1316 are 3-hour courses that also meets the needs of students that just need 3-6 hours of mathematics to satisfy the general education requirement for most degree plans. After completion of College Algebra and Trigonometry, the student may take Calculus I. MATH 2412 is a 4-hour accelerated course that is essentially College Algebra and Trigonometry together in one course. This course is specifically designed for the strong mathematics student coming out of high school who needs to review topics from algebra and trigonometry before beginning the calculus sequence.

3. Business.
The Finite Mathematics and Business Calculus sequence (MATH 1324 and MATH 1325) is provided for business, finance, and accounting majors.

4. General.
Mathematical Topics, MATH 1333, is a course that is provided for liberal or fine arts majors or for students who are working toward and Associate of Applied Science degree.

5. Education.
The Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I and II sequence (MATH 1350 and MATH 1351) is designed specifically for students planning to teach at the elementary level. These courses do not have to be taken sequentially and do require College Algebra as a prerequisite.

6. Statistics.
Introduction to Probability and Statistics (MATH 1342) is a course for many students majoring nursing or social science fields. This course does not require College Algebra as a prerequisite and will count as a 3-hour mathematics requirement for the associate degree.

7. Developmental.
The developmental mathematics courses are designed to prepare students for college level mathematics. The sequence consists of Pre-Algebra (MATH 0304), Beginning Algebra (MATH 0306), and Intermediate Algebra (MATH 0308). All students are placed into the appropriate course using a test score from either THEA or our local placement test, Accuplacer. Students are not permitted to retest once they have started the sequence. After completing the sequence, students will have the necessary mathematics skills to be successful in whichever college level mathematics course is required in their degree plan.

Online Courses

The Mathematics Department offers several mathematics courses on-line. They are MATH 1314, MATH 0308, MATH 1333, MATH 1342, MATH 1350 and MATH 1351.


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