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Overview of Mathematics

The Mathematics Department at Kilgore College offers a comprehensive curriculum to meet the needs of students with diverse skill levels and goals.  The department offers developmental mathematics courses for students who need to work on basics skills and algebra to prepare for a better job, a technical certificate, or college-level mathematics.  The department provides a Mathematics Learning Center located in the Canterbury Engineering-Science Building Room 228 to assist students in their coursework.  The department offers college-level mathematics for students majoring in a variety of fields such as business, computer science, elementary and secondary education, nursing, biological sciences, and engineering.  These courses will satisfy the mathematics requirements for an associate degree and are designed to transfer to a university.


The mathematics faculty at Kilgore College utilizes technology in several mathematics courses to enhance and reinforce mathematics instruction. Students will use technology when appropriate to visualize mathematical concepts and to model and solve real-world problems. 

Several college-level mathematics courses require students to have a graphing calculator. The calculus sequence and differential equations require students to use a computer algebra system MAPLE to visualize concepts and solve problems. See course listings for details.

My Math Lab

Students in most mathematics courses will use the My Math Lab web site. They will have access to tutorials, videos, instructor prepared quizzes, and their grade book. Students can access the web site from the Math Lab in the library, the computer lab in the Bone Learning Center, or from home. See course listings for details.

» Contact Information Baker
Mathematics Department Chair
Phone: (903) 983-8243 (Department Secretary)
Phone: (903) 983-8645 (Department Chair)
Phone: (903) 984-8531 x 7574 (Mathematics Learning Center)
Fax: (903) 988-7548
Location: S. L. Canterbury Jr. Engineering and Sciences Building (ES)



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