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Management (Supervision)

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What Benefits will You Receive by Enrolling in Management?

For anyone new to college:

  • Job placement assistance
  • Earn up to nine hours of college credit using work experience.
  • Take advantage of transfer agreements with universities to complete a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree.
  • Learn valuable skills in the areas of supervision, leadership, and management.

For working adults:

  • Enjoy flexible scheduling.
  • Improve your job skills for career enhancement.

Goals and motivations for taking the program:

  • To qualify for a corporate management training program.
  • To prepare for personal business ownership.
  • To gain skills and knowledge that lead to management positions.

    Testimonials from Former Students:

  • "I work full time and attend Kilgore College full time at night. I am finishing my second semester as a management major. My long-term goals are to graduate from Kilgore College and to gain a promotion within my company. I plan to manage a high tech site and later to move into upper management. I will continue to go to college and earn my four-year degree."

    Jeff Allen
    Senior Technical Specialist



    "I am a Kilgore College graduate with Associate of Applied Science degree in Management. The Management program has enabled me to combine my interest of children and business. In the last six months I was part of the Americorp Vista Program, which entitled me to help lead our community in eliminating illiteracy in children as well as adults. I don't believe I would have been as great a leader, if it had not been for the many resources I gained from my management courses. Since then, I have received a scholarship from the Americorp Vista Program. This will allow me to continue my education at Letourneau University. My future goals are to receive my Masters and eventually own and operate a facility for troubled adolescents."

    Yulonda Boyd


    "I have taken multiple management and marketing courses at Kilgore College. These courses have enhanced my job performance and prepared me to participate in a baccalaureate program at LeTourneau University. I believe the management program at Kilgore College provides a good foundation for anyone seeking personal enrichment or a business degree."

    R. Michell Clary
    Marketing Manager for
    Steelman Industries, Inc.


    "I am graduating May 2007 as a Management Specialist! The courses I have taken and the beneficial information I have learned will make my career successful. What I loved most about attending Kilgore College was the instructor/student ratio and the personal advising of instructors concerning which classes to take. There are many classes designed especially for management that are great and very practical. If you desire a management position for your current job or future career take classes at Kilgore College it will be the greatest achievement ever!"

    Ebony Dennis
    2007 Management Graduate


    "I recently completed the Associate of Applied Science in Management program at Kilgore College while working full-time. The advisors and instructors were extremely helpful through every aspect of the experience. The classes are offered at convenient and varying times to make it even easier to work while attending. The content and quality of education I received exceeded my expectations. I am confident now that the future of my career is bright and limitless."

    Josh Edinger

    Assistant Manager
    McAlister's Gourmet Deli
    “ I am a graduate of the Kilgore College Management Program with a certificate in management. I am now working toward my Associate of Applied Science Degree with a major in management. The program has helped me better understand management decisions on my job as well as with my family. Before I started the management program, I was a material handler with the company. With the help of Kilgore College, I have moved up in the company and am pursuing a position in management. I am confident that this program will help me reach my goals.”

     Eric Hale
    Engineering Change Coordinator /Production Planner
    General Dynamics / Vertex RSI

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